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Post #32125 by Caringmum on September 26th 2010, 5:23 PM (in topic “CSA capacity to earn”)

CSA capacity to earn:

Mike thanks for your reply. My query was really the reverse in that my capacity to earn a decent income and be free of centrelink is limited by the need to care for a disabled child.
When property settlement ocurred a few years ago no allowance was made for spousal maintenence because the csa calculation was generous. However over the years "improvements" to the csa formula have whittled that away. One of the first changes in the revamped csa fromula was to reduce the upper limit of ex's income that would be considered in calculation. Result reduction in csa of 9k and that was the start.

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Post #32112 by Caringmum on September 26th 2010, 10:52 AM (in topic “CSA capacity to earn”)

CSA capacity to earn

Hi, I'm the mother and primary carer of a profundly disabled child. My capacity to earn is limited by the 24/7 care that my child needs. My ex husband is a very high income earner (above the CSA cut off). His income is about 6-7 times mine. I'd like to know if I can appeal under cat 8, capacity to earn or if anyone else has a similar situation?

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