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Post #32509 by BubbaRay on October 27th 2010, 2:57 PM (in topic “Contraventions and breaches”)

Contraventions and breaches:

This is scarily like my situation. We hadn't even recieved official hard copies of our orders when the 'spends time with' parent was breaching the orders. Though can it technically be called that when they suffer no consequence of said breaches?
I'd love to see some sort of law in place that can allow the 'lives with' parent more power to enforce orders. Especially if the 'spends time with' parent was the one to initiate the whole process.

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Post #32508 by BubbaRay on October 27th 2010, 2:33 PM (in topic “Mediation”)


When I attended mediation, I had an idea of what I wanted. The father also had an idea of what he wanted. Totally different to each other mind you.
Thankfully they have a guideline of what is best for the child based on age. Perhaps ring whomever your mediator is and ask what is reccomended for your daughters age group and go from there?

Don't forget to mention you've had limited time with her and you'd like to have a chance at making up for that.

Best advice though is go in with a flexible attitude. Don't have your heart set on a certain amount of time. My ex found the hard way that it's 50/50 shared responsibility, not care. If you're willing to negotiate you'll have more of a chance of getting something along the lines of what you want.

Also with CS, I don't think you can change much via mediation. Unless of course you agree. Even then you have to notify CSA.

I'm not a legal proffesional either, just speaking from personal experience.

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Post #32474 by BubbaRay on October 26th 2010, 11:16 AM (in topic “Legal DNA Testing”)

Legal DNA Testing

I recently gave birth to mine and my ex partners 3rd child. He, however, flat out denies the baby is his.

I've asked him to get DNA tests done. His reply was he was organising it.

I'm wondering what I need to do in order to get a test done legally? I don't really want to do one of those at home tests as I have no faith that the father would do it correctly. I would agree if it was organised so that a doctor supervised the actual swab part.

I've been told to name him to CSA, but they won't accept the claim or even consider it because he refuses to sign the birth certificate or a stat dec.
I should point out that he doesn't pay CS at this stage due to the care levels of our other children so recieving CS from him is not my motivation.

Also if it helps, we weren't together when the baby was concieved. We weren't living together. We had actually been separated for over 6 months at that stage. And yes, I know without any doubt what so ever he is the father. Which is why I'm so willing to get a test done asap. He's missing out on his child (his doing due to his belief the baby is not his) and that's not fair on either of them considering you can never get that time back.

Also with his comment about him organising it. Is he possibly telling the truth there? Can he apply to whomever necessary to get a test done? The only reason I ask is, I don't know whether to wait in order for him to organise it or whether I should apply to get it done. With that said, who do I actually go to in order to apply?

Thanks in advance.

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