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Post #5163 by Brad on February 13th 2008, 6:50 PM (in topic “McKenzie Friend”)

McKenzie Friend:

Yes, forgot the nachos. They cost $800 and Yes I will gain more advice tomorrow and get back to you.

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Post #5161 by Brad on February 13th 2008, 6:08 PM (in topic “McKenzie Friend”)

McKenzie Friend

Hi Agog.

I met with a McKenzie Friend today.

For the price of a coffee I got the same advice that would of cost me a whole wardrobe full of clothes for my kids.

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Post #5136 by Brad on February 13th 2008, 10:28 AM (in topic “FRC Carringbah”)

FRC Carringbah

Since FRC Carringbah we have been to a court appointed councilor. I must say the mood changed positively the difference being that what transpired would be reported to the FM 

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Post #5075 by Brad on February 12th 2008, 12:51 PM (in topic “FRC Carringbah”)

FRC Carringbah

I had male and female counsellors. They seemed both pretty amicable and professional.

However it soon become apparent that this (in my case) was a hopeless formality. At the end I could hear my ex yelling at both of them (we were in separate rooms). I came out of my room to see her storm off.

The point being she did not like the way it was going for her. She knew they CAN NOT report to the court- so she gave them a mouth full and left.

They came back to me and said that K*^& had to leave and the session was over. We will be both get a certificate to go to court.

On the certificate the tick in the box was that we both made 'reasonable attempt to resolve'

So if you see yourself being at the FRC and dont want to try. Just tell them and leave.

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