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Post #13479 by (s)truth on July 16th 2008, 4:58 PM (in topic “No contact for Dad's - no money for Mum”)

No contact for Dad's - no money for Mum:

townie said
No we do not have any orders in place.

I'm in the process of responding to the fourth COA submitted by my ex in the last 2 years…

Does CSA note this constant COA submission cycle and somehow address it? As changing my income details whilst under a COA is impossible to do without another COA being submitted!
  Good on you townie!

I do that as well, just to keep her on her toes.

I puts in lots of change applications and object to everthing even when I know she is telling the truth like the school fees but she just gets copies of the forms I signed from the school.

At least it keeps her having to respond and one day she will just give up and let me off. Keep it up mate.

Moderator Monteverdi said
These are childish comments, and are not acceptable on this site. This site is for serious advice/opinions etc.

Three other site moderators including myself consider this post as 'juvenile' and BAD advice

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Post #13464 by (s)truth on July 16th 2008, 12:32 PM (in topic “CSA and change of assessment application by ex due to private school fees”)

CSA and change of assessment application by ex due to private school fees:

Agog said
zoehasrights said
Hi Coolchick,

In a matter like this , no matter what has gone before, the Courts and Government will only consider your present and future intentions.
Unfortunately this is not correct. What has gone before either in 'implied', 'intended', 'acquiesced' or 'agreed' has a great deal of bearing on decisions made by the Courts and the CSA on the type of education.

You can make all the statements you want about 'not agreeing' - but if a Court finds a 'basis' for prior agreement then it is likely to make some type of orders regarding school fees.

The ability to pay those fees is a different issue.
That is what happened to me.

Just because I signed the forms to enlist the kids in the school  and paid thefees before the separation they made me keep paying after.

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