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Privacy policy

This website:
  • stores temporary cookies that are removed when you close the browser window, such as a user session identifier; also cookies are used to detect your time-zone; uses Google Analytics for analysing visitor trends and tracking the effectiveness of our advertisements;
  • stores cookies (yes/no) for remembering what things have been turned off/closed;
  • stores cookies for remembering font size;
  • stores cookies for improving the usability of engaging aspects such as the chat room or forum (in particular, auto-saving of partly typed posts);
  • stores other kinds of cookie that are mentioned before they are set;
  • logs basic information pertaining to your computer including your IP address, web browser name, and operating system;
  • stores other information that you explicitly enter, such as your account information, or forum posts;
  • if you are logged in, your member profile will update the publicly displayed time that you last visited (which will also be stored in a cookie), and you will show as online (unless you login as invisible).

We may occasionally send bulk emails about Family Law Web Guide, or matters relating to to our members. We will not send bulk e-mails or allow others to send bulk e-mails, which we believe would be considered spam.

Your site information protections

We will not share private details other than what can be seen in your forums profile and your public postings unless legally required to do so.
Your personal information is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988, and is collected by the Family Law Web Guide to facilitate the coordination and management of the Child Support National Stakeholder Engagement Group through advice and collation of emerging issues and reports.

This information is required to progress matters of relevance to the Moderators and Legal Practitioners on this site.

Your personal information will not be sent overseas. If you do not wish to provide any information there will be no consequences for you or your organisation.

Your information may be used by us , Government Departments or given to other parties for the purpose of research, investigation, policy development, reporting or where you have agreed or it is required or authorised by law.  Disclosures may include, but are not limited to, other members of the Child Support National Stakeholder Engagement Group.

You can get more information about the way in which we will manage your personal information, including our privacy policy. You can also contact the site administrators.

Both privacy policies set out how you can complain about a breach of your privacy, how your complaint will be handled, and how you can access or seek correction of your personal information.

Private Posts

The staff reserve the right to read any Private Topics and posts placed on this website. Any form of conversation made through this website should be considered viewable by staff.

All private-posts and posts, whether 'deleted' or not, are stored on the server and may be reviewed if we feel we have cause for an investigation. If you do want to keep something private, do not use our services for transmitting it. Situations involving investigations can be anything at our discretion, for example, to investigate specific incidents of our services being used for racism or harassment.

shopping cart and store

Use of the shopping cart may cause a non-logged-in-user's session to stick around for a longer than normal period of time, using a cookie, in order to keep the cart from being lost.

Privacy settings

Logged in members may choose which fields display publicly.

Spam checking

For the purpose of reducing spam:
  1. Your IP address, e-mail address, and username, may be checked against the Stop Forum Spam web service, which involves these details being transmitted within a service request.
  2. Your IP address may be checked against multiple block lists, which involves these details being transmitted within a service request.

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