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Family Law Web Guide release a major overhaul

Family Law Web Guide - A new era

Today the new Family Law Web Guide resource site was deployed after a mammoth effort from developers in the UK and our site moderators. It has taken some years to get final concepts agreed and twelve months of solid design and prototyping involving many people both within the legal profession and outside.

The aim of the site is simple and that is to empower separating parents in particular, to locate resources and obtain support from others who have been through the trauma of family separation. The site is also a very important and must have resource for Self Represented Litigants who make up a very significant number of parties in the court system.  

It is our hope that you use the site and contribute in the many areas available with comment and thoughts on issues you are having in any area of Family Law, Child Support and Family Separation. The "Community" of members allows you to gift points and give a thumbs up or down for poster material. As well there is an amazing range of Forums , Wiki's, FAQ's, Documents , Judgements (yet to deploy) and Parenting plans.

We have (but not all deployed yet) over 200 pages of fixed site content to deploy over time. Of particular interest to clients in the Child Support system is our CS calculator. You will not find a better calculator that gives multi case results as well as a detailed explanation of all the complex terms. Our CS moderator Mike T has worked tirelessly to get this modernised and updated.

The site is a complex and large site receiving upwards of 1.5 million hits a month and we have now deployed a range of additional resources.

We have not completed the full deployment and over the next few months will be adding  additional modules and new sections with content. Please feel free to let us know what you think as you are browsing around the site. There are forums for lodging site issues and as well contact us links.

I personally wanted to acknowledge the huge effort applied by some of the senior site moderators MikeT and Agog as well as the huge work done by Chris, Salman, Rajesh and the OCPortal team in the UK because without them this important community site could not exist.


The Family Law WEB Guide is Australia's leading Family law WEB Portal, helping to empower separating couples, especially those with children. The portal provides a vast amount of information on Family Law and the legal process, Child support, Parenting Plans as well as many online Forums which provide an area where users can interact with questions, answers and discussions on a given topic. We are non-sexist, non-sectarian and non-political. 


Our WEB site has nine main sections;

  1. News
  2. Blogs
  3. Forums
  4. Wiki
  5. Dealing with Separation pages
  6. Child Support pages
  7. Families and the law pages
  8. Parenting plans
  9. Court cases


You can navigate quickly to each of these sections from the menu bar at the top of each page. An overview of this web site is available from the Site Map link which is located at the bottom of each page. 


The menu's, options, features and content of this WEB site vary depending upon your membership to the various communities and groups. Some of the options will only become visible when you have certain rights accorded to you by being a member of a particular community or group. However, you do not have to become a member to use this site. A vast amount of information and resources is available to you without joining. For more information on becoming a member read here


Some of the organisations and groups that you find in the site links are politically orientated and may have agendas to change legislation that affects children and families. The presence of these organisations does not reflect an endorsement of any views expressed, it reflects an endorsement by Family Law WEB Guide of the right of free and open comment in a democratic society about the future of Australia, it's children and it's family values. 


Some parts of this site are gender specific, providing information and support for both women's and men's unique issues. The Family Law WEB Guide does not promote or support a gender bias and many of the organisations that post here and make comments are composed of both female and male executives, members and representatives. 


The site is moderated by a number of people who are dedicated to assisting families in crises and or going through difficult family separations. Some of our senior moderators are legal professionals or lawyers who give their time to ensure accurate and up to date information is available. Due to the large number of posts and enquiries we cannot always respond to every post in the forums so we rely on those members who have had experiences to contribute to other member posts. 

As well our site relies on donations to fund various components and developments and we are eternally grateful for donations of any size that contribute to the ongoing work here.



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