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The great debate - Debate on Sky news

Sky News will be telecasting the political debate between Kevin Rudd and the PM.  Requests have been made to email questions that you want asked in the debate

  • If elected will either party implement legislation to have "zero tolerance of false allegations" made a criminal offence?
  • If elected will either party support the use of polygraphs to prove when indivdiuals are telling the truth when accused of abuse and neglect of their children?
  • If elected will either party work to educate the public about domestic violence against men?
  • If elected will either party deal with the unfair representation of individuals before the family court and will either party take steps to ensure equity in the availability of legal aid to both parents/men and women?
  • If elected will either party work towards improving legal aid to indivdiuals in the family court to ensure that funds available will allow legal representation to be provided until resolution is achieved?


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