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Solidarity of International Artists & Thinkers in Campaign for Children's Rights - Press release SPCA

Shared Parenting Council
of Australia

20 January 2007



20 January, 2007

Contact: Edward Dabrowski: 0409 917 345;

Solidarity of International Artists & Thinkers in Campaign for Children's Rights

At the same time that Terri and Bindi Irwin (wife and daughter of the Crocodile Hunter) are here in New York City on a high profile AUSTRALIA Week Media Promotion and Children's Concert, a group of artists and thinkers from both continents are taking part in a roundtable discussion in the Heartoon studio in Battery Park City, concerning the rights of children, parents and families around the globe.

This roundtable of Champions for Children in Distress will organize the International Summit for "Children~Parents~Families" and Creativity Expo of Expression & Experience being planned to coincide with World Youth Day and the Pope's visit to Australia.

Under the Direction of Michael A Riddell, Director/Producer of the "OZ Odyssey for Children" Project and the Global Village Creativity Centers, the group hopes to turn hearts and minds to the difficulties faced by parents and their children in having their voices heard and their inalienable rights respected. There is an urgent need to heed the torment of family breakdown, and suffering of children who are forced to endure the pain of living away from one or both parents.

"Pope Benedict's recent salient reminder that families were the "living cell" of society, is a fundamental truth which certainly resonates with the Creativity Round Table participants", says Michael Riddell. "Ours is an undertaking of the heart", says Riddell, "underpinned by the universal values of freedom and enlightenment, symbolized by our Lady Liberty. Her radiant glow will illuminate our gathering in a galvanizing towards unity in diversity as we contemplate our collective responsibilities to ignite a liberty flame in every heart for the sake of our children."

Edward Dabrowski, Federal Director of the Shared Parenting Council and Children's Rights Council of Australia said today that "in remembrance of Martin Luther King we have a duty to let "children's freedom ring" from the tallest reaches and the farthest nations. Every child's voice had a right to be heard. Expressed in the gentle nature, innocence, and trusting faces of children was the innate human dignity of every person which compelled us to respond with love. This love would overcome apathy, adversity and a cultural trend to abandonment of family life which mirrored the neglect of children".

Edward Dabrowski remarked that "by gathering in common purpose we re-dedicate ourselves to our families and in our striving, sincerely hope to enliven our communities to build a better world for our children".

The Roundtable includes such creative talents as Madmen and Dreamers (best known for their rock opera about children of divorce, The Children of Children). They will be touring in Australia in July 2008 as part of this transcontinental effort to draw attention to the plight of families who suffer separation and divorce.

The group's meeting this coming Saturday, January 20th is a gathering of incredible talent from the tri-state area and around the world.

The USA contingent comprises:

Faridi McFree, internationally known author, artist and founder of the Heartoon Studio

Sanford Hinden, President, One Love Productions and Mother Earth Children's Garden's Project; Founder Metropolitan Peace Museum Project and Associate of the International Network of Museums for Peace; Executive Director, Dix
Hills Center for the Performing Arts and Co-Director, John Lennon Center for Music and Technology, at Five Towns College.

Diane Rousseau, LHD, PhD, President of the INSTITUTE of SPIRITUAL SCIENCES in Seattle, Washington

Kenny James, legendary American biker/artist/gardener/writer

Mark Glunt of Silent Planet Promotions

Mark A. Durstewitz, founding member of Madmen and Dreamers (best known for their rock opera, The Children of Children) and President of Rock Theatre Productions, Inc.

Christine Hull, founding member of Madmen and Dreamers and Treasurer of Rock Theatre Productions, Inc.

Helene Abrams: President, Positive World Enterprises Group ~ Educator;

David Giller: Musician & 'I Am a Person" Project ~

Other USA: (not present, but involved)

Rhonda Maurer; Artist/Choreographer/Dancer/Writer;

Damian Riddell; Artist/Computer Design/Concert Promotion

Kirsten Rani Almeidi; $FUNdraising/PR/Promotion/Sponsorship

Giuseppe Riviera; brilliant Creative Artist in Philadelphia & Gentleman

Christian Bonett, Aussie Singer/Songwriter & I.T. Professional

Warren Farrell, BEST SELLING author and authority on children/parents and families

The international contingent comprises:

Michael A Riddell; Children & Creativity/Justice Rights & Liberty/Health & Happiness

Bronte (5) & Michelle Horswood; Masters in Business Management & Health Sciences Degree

Clare Liberty (7); Chairperson, NYC Lady Liberty ground zero Creativity Center

Carole Johnson; internationally acclaimed Choreograpaher/Dancer/Director from New York City/Philadelphia who created the renowned Aboriginal Bangarra Dance Theatre & Aboriginal National School for Dance & Theatre

Sir Valdamar McEwan; Child/Parent Rights Advocate & Activist Leader

Mike Webb; Aussie Media Legend & CEO/Founder, Limic Communications Group, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Karin de Vos; Founder, Kids Alive ~

Mark Bourne; Chairman, the Richard Hillman Foundation, Adelaide, South Australia

Linda Baker, Law Graduate & Founder of "Kids in Distress" Website

Edward Dabrowski, National Director, Shared Parenting Council of Australia; Children's Rights Council of Australia ~

Contact Edward Dabrowski in Australia for further information:-

Edward Dabrowski, Federal Director
Shared Parenting Council of Australia
Children's Rights Council of Australia
Phone: +61 409 917 345
Fax: +61 86 3117 226

Contact Michael Riddell in Australia for further information:-

+Michael A Riddell, Director/Producer
the "OZ Odyssey for Children" Project
Creativity Centre, Lake Macquarie NSW.
Phone: +61 24944 8968; Cell: +61 412 368 707
Fax: +61 24944 8106

Contact Mark A. Durstewitz in USA for further information:
Mark A. Durstewitz, Founding Member and Keyboards
Madmen and Dreamers
President Rock Theatre Productions, Inc. (label email)
973-202-7578 (cell)

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