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Shared Parenting - The best outcome for children - Family First policy

Senator Steve Fielding is a member who needs to be re-elected.

The Family Court is not a good place for Australia's children. In almost 98 per cent of cases, a child will effectively lose one of their parents after a Family Court decision, creating a stolen generation of children.

Only two and a half per cent of Family Court orders allow children to have equal time with both parents, after a relationship breakdown.

Family First believes the first question we must always ask is: What is in the best interests of the child? Shared parenting is the best outcome, because children can continue to have a real father and mother.

Family First believes a new system is needed, the way children see it, in a household, they have equal access to their parents. When a relationship ends, the way to maintain equal access for children is shared parenting.

If a parent has not done anything wrong, why should the child be penalised?

For this to work, the parent has to want to exercise their responsibility and be with their child. It is not our purpose to force parents to exercise shared parenting. But, Family First would hope that all parents would want to. Just because a relationship ends, does not mean the job of being a parent ends.

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