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Same Sex Couples Bill for adoptees (NSW)

Same Sex Couples Bill for adoptees (NSW)

On 24 June, Sydney Independent MP Clover Moore introduced a bill to change the definition of couple in the NSW Adoption Act to include same-sex couples. The bill would allow homosexual and lesbian couples to adopt NSW babies and children, thereby denying them either a mother or a father.  

Debate will resume after the winter recess ends on 31 August, so the vote could occur in early September.

A conscience vote is expected, but Premier Keneally has indicated that she will support the legislation.
Rev Steve Estherby, from FamilyVoice Australia said
We need to protect the right of every child to be raised by a mother and a father to the fullest extent that this is possible.

The attached FamilyVoice VoxAlert gives suggestions on how to draft a short letter to Premier Keneally (, Community Services Minister Linda Burney ( and NSW state MPs.

You can use the same wording in each letter.  With emails, you can simply copy and paste your wording, with your name and address, into the body of the email to each MP (names and addresses are given on the second page of the VoxAlert).  If you prefer, you can phone the MPs office and leave a message with your details.

Time is short.  Please send this email to your friends and encourage them to take action  for NSW childrens sake.

Rev Steve Estherby

NSW State Officer
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