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SA Rape Laws proposed go far too far

SA Rape Laws proposed goes far too far.

Government attempts to further protect women from rape and sexual assault, through the Criminal Law Consolidation (Rape and Sexual Offences) Amendment Bill 2007, goes too far, Independent MLC Ann Bressington said today.
Independent MLC Ann Bressington said
This Bill is really dangerous as it literally seeks to get into our bedrooms, to such an extent, as to make it dangerous to engage in sexual intercourse, lest it could be perceived to be rape or sexual assault.

This Bill very specifically targets men; it is not about protecting children, disabled or vulnerable people.

Under this Bill, these offences would carry life imprisonment terms, whilst the same offence against a minor, only carries 10 years. Women should feel safe about the relationships they enter into, but this Bill goes way too far, even legislating the conversations we must now have in our own bedrooms, for fear someone might cry 'rape'.
Ms Bressington said the Bill takes considerable responsibility away from women, so that every woman who has regretted a decision to enter a sexual relationship is a victim of possible rape or other sexual offence.
Ann Bressington said
I do hope the Premier has topped up the coffers of the Victims of Crime Compensation Fund and is making more room in our prisons, because the bar has now been set so low, anyone could be a potential victim or perpetrator of a sexual offence as soon as they regret a decision to engage in a sexual relationship.
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SA Rape Laws proposed go far to far.

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