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Policy Forum at Australian Parliament House a winner

Yesterday 33 influential groups attended Parliament house to speak with key Members, Senators, Ministers, and Shadow Ministers from all sides of the political spectrum.

In a cohesive show of strength the groups engaged in a range of forums and discussions in relation to key issues around:

  • Standards of men's health
  • Boy's education issues
  • The declining male teacher populations in all areas of education
  • Boy's emotional engagement and development
  • The urgent need for DNA testing at birth
  • The importance of the Father's role in the family unit
  • Influences of Pornography on the breakdown of family relationships
  • Suicide statistics and reasons why statistics are understated.
  • Further family law reforms to enhance the current operation including review of family reporter / expert report procedures and standards
  • Disparity in the execution of the new Act in Western Australia
  • Child support effects on second repartnered families
  • Father engagement in children's lives and the status of Fatherhood
  • The key role employers and Industrial law reform has on assisting fathers involvment in families. A win / win for both employers and fathers  
  • The creation of a Minister for men and families
  • Culture of Marriage
  • Grandparents and their important role in the family unit
  • National Parents Charter
  • The Family Relationship Centres and operation
  • Engagement of older men in mentoring programs and the important roles for older men

The groups celebrated a notable milestone with Barry Williams from the Lone Fathers Association having 35 years involvement in assisting men and women after separation

The Executive Secretary of the Shared Parenting Council was only one of many interesting speakers shown here addressing the groups and the Attorney General in the Libs party room

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