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Once Bitten when love comes with baggage

Once Bitten
when love comes with baggage

Circe Films and Caravan Productions in association with SBS Television (Australia), Maori Television Services (New Zealand), Film Finance Corporation and New Zealand On Air are looking for people to tell their stories in a new benchmark documentary series Once Bitten.

This two-part series will tell the personal and intimate stories of couples as they negotiate the social, cultural and familial complexities of love the second-time around.

A co-production between New Zealand and Australia this will be a significant exploration of a social phenomenon that reveals the issues and realities of relationships and family life today through a window of culture.

Janette Howe, writer and co-producer says Families and relationships are a melting pot of familial and cultural obligations. In Once Bitten we will gain new insights about culture and identity and how this plays out in our everyday lives. A second-time round relationship comes with baggage and new challenges: blended families, step-families, cross-cultural marriages and extended families for example, which all raise the stakes in love. There is often no cultural or social road-map for how it will play out because couples are rewriting the rules.

Once Bitten will look deep into ordinary family life to find extraordinary stories. How people are surviving and making their second or third-time round relationship work (or not). We will draw from the wider community and across two countries to find compelling stories, which highlight different issues and cultural perspectives. Stories from diverse cultures: such as Maori, Asian, Jewish, Indian, Arabic, Aboriginal and European Australian and New Zealanders, will show how culture and family bring us together  or can tear us apart.

The producers want to hear from couples and families in a second or more-time round relationship, who believe that sharing their story  the joys, the complications, the pitfalls, the lessons learned  will give others an insight into family life today.

What is the face of the Australian and New Zealand family today?

   Is your family the size of a football team on the weekend?
   Is your second-time around relationship or marriage a break away from culture or family  or a return?
   Is your extended family harder to deal with than your immediate family?
   Do you have a significant event coming up: moving in together  moving out, a wedding, a baby, moving house?

Filming starts in August 2008.

For further information and media interviews contact:
Tamara Bodenham or Kate Breen at Circe Films  or  call 03 9525 8486

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