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NEWS Release from New York City, USA

NEWS Release from New York City, USA

Creativity Goodwill Exchange Bridge between New York City USA and Newcastle OZ to benefit all the Children~Parents~Families of our sad and wounded Global Village...

HAPPINESS Happening....

September 1, 2007 ~ the 1st Day of Spring and New Life in Australia!

Greetings from the Lady Liberty Creativity Center in New York City who announce the "CHILDREN of CHILDREN" Rock Opera by the composer, Mark A Durstewitz, Creative Director of Madelf Productions ( and the band Madmen & Dreamers (, will be touring DownUnder in July '08. Their inaugural fun OZ Odyssey.

The aim is to showcase their original music whilst building bridges of co+operation & creativity exchange between the USA and OZ. As their Aussie launch pad they will be performing at the "International CREATIVITY SUMMIT for Children~Parents~Families" in Newcastle .

Mark will appear 'live' on Sydney's FM Radio 89.3 FM this Tuesday 4 Sept '07 from 10.30am to 12 high noon talking with the Australian newspaper journalist John Stapleton, musician Peter van de Voorde (composer, singer and producer of CD "Our Stolen Children"), Greg Andresen and Ian Purdie of "Dads on the Air". The focus will be sharing the songs from the "Children of Children" Rock Opera that is a modern day positive cautionary tale about the challenges upon the marriage & parenting path that should be a family JOY. Mark is also highlighting in this 'live' trans Pacific radio interview the importance of the CREATIVITY SUMMIT grassroots empowerment goodwill exchange of ideas, people and projects.

David Levy the Washington DC based lawyer, founder and chair of the worldwide peak body CHILDREN's RIGHTS COUNCIL (, has also agreed to come on the OZ Odyssey adventure downunder. He has recently been in the UK working with Sir Bob Geldof.

Dr Warren Farrell ~ ( ~ the internationally recognized author and expert on Children~Parents~Families, is open to joining this OZ Odyssey. He is well known from the Oprah TV Show. One of Dr Farrell's books ~ "Father & Child Reunion: How to bring the dads we need to the children we love" dovetails ideally with the Rock Opera "Children of Children" purpose and theme to empower Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Children & Families in the living arts of Human Happiness and Personal Fulfilment.

One person Mark wants to meet is the innovative South Australian Upper House MP, Ann Bressington. He says "Ann is a Champion of Children, Parents & Families. She also introduced us to the 14 year old South Australian voice of an angel, Grace Bawden ~ ( ~ who is destined to become a global superstar with her graceful humble qualities and unique talent. We want to wholeheartedly support Grace and her mother waltzing Matilda, who is the Research Officer to the MP Ann Bressington. The Voice of GRACE brings ALIVE the vital potent and pure energy in sharing the spirit of our CREATIVITY SUMMIT Expression & Experience with others. The Gifts of Grace reflect our Hope for the Future. A worldwide Creativity Renaissance Movement building great momentum ~ a grassroots groundswell becoming a Global Tsunami for GOOD!!!"

Mark went on to say... " Australia is pioneering for global export the Shared Parenting need for Children. State-of-the art cyberspace tools such as the Web Portal created and financed by Aussie IT design genius Paul Mee ~ ~ shows the way internationally. Paul is now building a CREATIVITY Web Portal for us and EveryOne. That is a wonderful Godsend!"

"We are working closely with Edward Dabrowski, National Director, Shared Parenting Council of Australia ~ ( ~ and all the other selfless people and groups dedicated to the best interests, wellbeing and welfare of Children, Parents & Families in our Global Village. Ed is the Development Director/Website Master for the CREATIVITY SUMMIT and his work-in-progress can be seen unfolding via where he is inviting proactive collaboration & participation. Fair dinkum CommUNITY"

"Yes, we Yankee Madmen & Dreamers are very excited about our first journey DownUnder to the ancient mystical DreamTime Land of OZ. In Dr Albert Einstein's terms the Aussie DreamTime correlates with Ingenuity & Imagination Wealth being shared with a generosity of spirit by you all. Our boomeranging reciprocal gift will include "Children of Children" and the ThanksGiving Arts that WORK... it is in giving that one receives! See you all soon cobbers!!!"


for more information and a free copy of the CREATIVITY SUMMIT Climb "Vision" contact:

The International CREATIVITY SUMMIT for Children~Parents~Families in the beautiful Newcastle Region of NSW Australia 11-13 July '08

# Mark A Durstewitz, Creative Director, Composer & Musician Madelf Productions/Madmen & Dreamers Band, USA. ~ www.madmen-and-dreamers-com email;

# Clare Liberty (8) and Michael A Riddell, Directors/Producers the Global Village Creativity Centers ~ Community Partnership Initiative Redhead Village, Lake Macquarie City, NSW. Australia. Phone (02) 4944 8968; Mobile 0412 368 707; Fax (02) 4944 8106

Post: PO Box 726, Charlestown, NSW 2290. Australia. Email:


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