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NATIONAL MEDIA RELEASE : Parenthood Groups Reach Consensus on Need for Polygraph

 A new State Peak Body, FLAG SA, was established today after representatives from seven parenthood organisations met to reach consensus on ways to address false allegations in relation to family breakdown.
Representatives of Victims of False Allegations (VFA), Children Deserve More (CDM), Men's Information and Support Centre (MISC), Joint Parenting Association (JPA), Lone Fathers Association (LFA), Richard Hillman Foundation (RHF), Freda Briggs Centre (FBC) and Migrant Women's Supported Accommodation Service came together at a "round table" discussion on how to address the common concern in family disputes - false allegations.

Convened by The Hon Ann Bressington, the forum resulted in a unanimous show of support for the use of Polygraph tests in disputed family matters. All parties agreed the polygraph could serve to divert people away from child protection systems early in the process of assessing the validity of allegations.

Full details are available in the following press release:

Ann Bressington press release

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