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Mothers 4 Equality (M4E) Joins FLWG

Mothers for Equality now has their Community site located on the Family Law WEB Guide portal (in the Community section)

"Mothers4Equality will encourage both the parents of children to understand that shared parenting is what is usually in the best interest of the children. We are hoping to encourage sisters, aunts, grandmothers and the like to become a part of our fight for equality. Mothers4Equality is a place to educate and be educated on the systems we all navigate when encountering a separation. We aim to educate women and men that separation and divorce does not need be the destruction of a family."

An FLWG spokesperson said "We are proud to welcome Mothers for Equality into our rapidly growing Community. It is only by consensus and dialogue that both Mothers and Fathers can advance their children's needs".

Editor Note: The Family Law Web Guide is now averaging over 1.3 million hits a month and the site is only 50% complete

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