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Law Society of NSW welcomes new Attorney-General

Friday, 30 November, 2007  ;Print  ; ;
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This is a media release issued by the Law Society of NSW

The Law Society of NSW has today welcomed the announcement from Prime Minister-elect, Kevin Rudd that Mr Robert McClelland will be appointed as the Government's new Federal Attorney-General.

Senior Vice President of the Society, Hugh Macken said
I look forward to working with Mr McClelland to continue to raise and address key national policy issues affecting the legal profession in NSW and advancing the profession's collective commitment to the rule of law.

We are enormously pleased that Mr Robert McClelland will be appointed to the most prominent legal office in the land.

It is important to understand that legal practitioners in NSW are affected not just by State-based legislation, but also by national legislation and issues that govern their ability to practise law across the various state jurisdictions.

There are particular issues that need to be addressed at a national level that will promote a more efficient administration of justice and those issues have been canvassed in the Law Society's Federal Policy Platform prior to the election with both sides of politics.

The support and resources of the Law Society of NSW will be available to Mr McClelland to enhance the fair and efficient delivery of legal services nation-wide.

As the representative of more than 20,000 solicitors in NSW, I look forward to fostering a strong working relationship with Mr McClelland and the new Rudd Labor Government.
The Executive Secretary of the Shared Parenting Council of Australia said
We are waiting for the new Attorney General to settle in to his new post and the jury is out as to if he is a suitable replacement for the Honourable Phillip Ruddock, who was clearly a statesmen in his dealings with the Council.

There will be immediate representation from the Shared Parenting Council and Associated and Affiliated groups to brief him and his new executive advisor's as to the current position in relation to certain anomalies and implementations relating to Family Law and Child support legislation.

There is great concern about what is happening to our children and some recent judgements made during the caretaker role have been appalling and completely at variance with the spirit intent and writings of the new Family Law Act. Theses judgements have not gone unnoticed and the Council will be bring a number of disappointing judgements to the new Attorney's staff at the earliest opportunity.

There is also an urgent need for an immediate overhaul of the use of old archaic case law, presentation of statistics as to how the courts are tracking and importantly the re-tabling of equal or substantially equal time as the default presumption after parents separate.

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