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Independent MLC Ann Bressington is again asking the question "WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR CHILDREN"?


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Monday, 5 November 2007


Independent MLC Ann Bressington is again asking the question "WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR CHILDREN" and why do governments ignore the plight of everyday children, parents and families whose lives are being ruined by the "Industry of Human Misery" ?  The Family Law Court System.

Ann will be attending the "9/11 Event" in Sydney on 9th November at " 12 High Noon " in the SMC Conference Centre, 66 Goulburn Street, cnr Castlereagh, Sydney to assist the grassroots "Aussie Battlers" encompassing Mums, Dads, Grandparents, CHILDREN and Families that have had enough of the system that reigns misery on the families of Australia.  Who do we trust to protect us against the destruction of the family?  Neither the Labor nor Liberal parties in the coming Federal election have made any commitment to amending the Family Law Act 1975 to serve the best interests of children, mums, dads, grandparents of Australia.

Children who suffer from "Parental Alienation" do not achieve good outcomes in life.  They are more likely to use drugs, more likely to become entrenched in the youth justice system, more likely to be abused and less likely to be able to sustain healthy relationships later in life.

Parents fight for the right to be part of their children's lives. Dads are most at risk and are six times more likely to commit suicide because of family breakdown.  Approximately 3 dads everyday commit suicide in Australia because of decisions of the Family Court and associated authorities.

Children, Mums, Dads and Grandparents want a fair go and they want to have the right to preserve the sacred family unit, the basic fabric of our society and THEY WANT IT NOW!  We must restore the balance and allow our children the happiness and health they deserve.

"For evil to prosper ? good men need to nothing at all."

Ann said
Ann said it was disappointing that Family Law Reform had not been a focus of the Federal Election.

Is Kevin Rudd interested in men? The answer sadly seems to be no. The Opposition Leader rarely talks about issues affecting many of his own gender, like Family law, child support, fatherless families, boys education. (Bertina Arndt, "Fair go for men has no place on Rudd agenda"), Read the Bertina Article here
Meanwhile in a response to a desperate father the Attorney-General Phillip Ruddock had this to say:

"The ACT (Family Law Act) does not imply a presumption that parents have a right to be meaningfully involved in their children's lives".

Ann said
Perhaps this legislation should be named the "The Anti Family Law Act 1975".  If the "intent" of the legislation is not for parents to have a right to be meaningfully involved in their children's lives then it is not a law to preserve families or protect children and  IT IS FLAWED.


So we see the ideology of both sides of government in a few lines of print.  The laws of this land should have the primary consideration of serving the people who elected the law makers and ensuring that their lives are safe and secure under the government of the day.  Whoever wins the coming election does not appear to be interested in serving the best interests of children, parents or families and they must be held accountable for the creation of this "Brave New World" where families are less important than the profiteering of the legal system and the power games of the judiciary.

If the government of the day cannot "govern" then it is time for change.  Family Law issues effect thousands of honest Aussie battlers directly and the Family Law Court has a responsibility to make judgments based on fact, based on the rights of the child to know his/her parents, to protect the child where and when necessary and to preserve the rights of parents to have meaningful relationships with their children when and wherever possible.
Mr Howard and Mr Rudd want to make employment and the economy the election issue that is in the forefront of the minds of Australians.  Parents who have had their families torn away from them do not care about employment or the economy they care about "who will help them get the justice they deserve?"

The 2007 election is the most important election we will have because it can be the election where the will of the Australian public is heard "loud and clear" through their votes.

Will you vote for a government who:

ˇ       Does not have the will to correct flawed legislation.

ˇ       Does not have the courage to admit that they didn't get it right

ˇ       Does not have the conviction to protect the citizens of this country

ˇ       Does not have the commitment to get it right


Advance Australia Where?

For further information, please contact Ann Bressington  -  0448 887 277

Will Frogley
Assistant to the Hon. Ann Bressington MLC
Independent Member of the Legislative Council
Parliament House | North Terrace | ADELAIDE SA 5000

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