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Increased family dispute services for Grandparents


Attorney-General Robert McClelland today announced an additional $400,000 for Legal Aid Commissions to enhance the delivery of family dispute resolution services to grandparents and other extended family members.
Attorney-General Robert McClelland said
The relationship between a child, their grandparents and extended family is worth investing in.

Grandparents can provide children with love, support and an understanding of where they come from, significant to their care, welfare and development.

The additional funding for family dispute resolution services will be used for the development of;
  • More proactive intake and screening procedures to identify cases where it is appropriate to include grandparents and extended family members,
  • A best practice training model for staff involved in multi-party family dispute resolution, and
  • A national strategy for providing information to grandparents and extended family members about the services available to assist them.
The Victoria Legal Aid Commission will manage the projects on behalf of all State and Territory Commissions.

Where children will benefit from spending time with their grandparents and extended family, it can be helpful to involve them in these dispute resolution services
Robert McClelland said
This is a positive initiative that demonstrates the Rudd Governments strong commitment to supporting programs which can help minimise the negative impact on children associated with family breakdown.

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