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Help our US friends commemorate International Parental Alienation Awaremness Day - April

The loss of a loving parent-child relationship is painful and destructive to everyone.

Parental Alienation behaviors are behaviors done by a 3rd party, which interfere with the normal parent-child relationship.  These behaviors may be done by the other parent, extended family, courts, or social services. They may include such behaviors as speaking negatively to or about a parent in front of the child, interfering with communication and visitation, and sharing inappropriate information with the child.

We advocate awareness of such behaviors, and the right of every child to love and be loved by both parents.

To accomplish this and bring to attention those who have it within their power to make positive changes, we must be NOTICED.

Parental Alienation Awareness Day, April 25th, is coming up soon. This year, we are asking for international participation in planning some sort of event to commemorate April 25th. We are asking individuals and organizations to help us commemorate this day and provide awareness of Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive Parenting.  If you are planning an event for April 25th, local or international, please share with us via the website at

Last year, there were webinars, media events, quiltmakings, programs, flyer distributions, and letter writing campaigns to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, as well as  to local, state, and national legislators, human rights organizations, and government officials.  Many of these letters bore the face of a parent, or a child victim of parental alienation, or contained a stamp with their photos: ,

In the States, we are organizing 2 events-A Governors campaign in the hopes that governors will issue a Petition declaring April 25th as Parental Alienation Awareness Day on a state-wide level, and a conference featuring renowned author, researcher, and speaker, Dr. Stephen Ceci.  Dr. Ceci will be joined by numerous other prominent professionals in the fields of child abuse, parental abductions, false sexual allegations, and Parental Alienation.

Parental Alienation Awareness Organization is making the following suggestions for individuals and organizations to commemorate April 25th:

1. Write letters to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights-Committee on the Rights of the Child at: ,

Office of the United Nations
Louise Arbour, High Commissioner for Human Rights Palais Wilson

United Nations Office at Geneva
1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland
Tel: (41 22) 917 90 00
FAX: (41 22) 917 9011

telling your stories, and sending pictures of your "missing" children.

2.The Human Rights Commission of the UN allows for complaints of violations via its 1503 petition procedure. A petition has been prepared entitled, "In the Interests of Children". We urge you to read and sign the petition at: .Communications regarding the petition may be directed to:

3.This year PAAO has adopted the tulip as the symbol of our children. Plant a tulip to show your steadfast love for our children and your hope for a speedy reunification. If tulips are not available, then plant a hope tree, or garden.

4.Help us with our Governors campaign to have Parental Alienation recognized on a state-wide level

5.Send letters and provide brochures and flyers to legislators, social service, and legal personnel telling our stories, asking for their support, and including pictures of our children.

6. Contact media and make them aware that it is Parental Alienation Awareness Day

7.Inform school personnel, youth leaders, clergy, Scout leaders, coaches, about Parental Alienation, via distributing flyers and our brochure, and directing them to

8. Attend our workshop on April 14-15 with outstanding experts in the fields of child abductions, false sexual allegations, and parental alienation.

9. For these and additional suggestions on how you can help raise awareness on Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive Parenting, please go to

We hope that everyone will participate, in some way, to commemorate April 25th, International Parental Alienation Awareness Day and the right of every child to give and receive all of the love they deserve.


Sarvy Emo-President and co-founder

Robin Denison-VP and co-founder

The Board


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