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Green-Labor Senate to end Shared Parenting & revise Marriage

Green-Labor Senate to end Shared Parenting & revise Marriage

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19 August 2010


Green-Labor Senate to end Shared Parenting & revise Marriage

Australian separated and divorced fathers will soon have to prove that their children are developmentally mature enough to live with them under plans by Labor to amend the Family Law Act in 2011.

Inspired by the Howard Governments 2006 Family law reforms to respect the fundamental needs of children to enjoy the love and nurture of both their mother and their father, the countries of Canada, the United Kingdom and Israel had moved to embrace shared parenting laws however policy progress had recently been jeopardised by Australian anti-shared parenting advocates weighing into the overseas debate.

MensVote Australia has learned that the Israeli Governmental "Shnit Committee", reporting on shared parenting reforms, has been reliably informed that Family Law in Australia will change next year to consider psychological developmental milestones of children (read as code for 'The child being too young to share'). The Committee was also informed that fathers will need to prove they have the resources to share-parent before being allowed to enjoy an equal life with their children. Consequently the Shnit Committee report recommendations are on hold until after the anticipated Green-Labor ratification of family law changes. MensVote convenor Edward Dabrowski said today, "The Israelis have adopted a wait and see approach given the disclosure that Labor intends to cut back shared parenting. He said, "This means that psycho-social babble and text book psychologically will determine the fate of families rather than parent-child loving relationships. Mr Dabrowski said, "It is unconscionable that yet another set of hurdles are being put in the way of fathers wanting to parent normally after divorce and that segregation of children from their Dads and their paternal extended family would create another Stolen Generation of desperate and defeated fatherless kids".

Mr Dabrowski said today that he had called the office of Greens Senator Bob Brown to discuss marriage policy and ask why the Greens anti-discrimination argument for same-sex marriage wouldnt lead to marriages with multiple partners in the future. He was told by a staffer that "personally polygamy is ok with me (Staffer) but at present the Greens dont have a policy for this". Mr Dabrowski said he explained how changing the traditional meaning and model of marriage would harm children who were increasingly being commoditised as chattels. He further explained that whenever children are treated separate from their biological parents, they in fact became property not persons. Senator Bob Brown's Staffer rejected any assertion that mums and dads were superior parents to two fathers or two mothers and saw no harm in putting same-sex parents ahead of married couples waiting to adopt children.

MensVote Australia was established to advocate for the rights of children, parents and families and to preserve the traditional and legal definition that marriage is the union between a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others.

The Green-Labor agenda moving forward will affect some 50,000 separated couples and their children annually, and usher in another lost generation of children grasping to know their fathers. A change to the definition of marriage would mean the loss of legal and institutional recognition of the special role that mothers and fathers have in the traditional family and the importance of both genders to the balanced development of children. publishes a comparison Checklist summarising the values of the Political Parties contesting Saturdays Federal Election. Mr Ed Dabrowski remarked that "the checklist clearly shows that the interests of men and fathers have largely been ignored by the major parties".

Mr Ed Dabrowski lamented that, "regrettably new Labor is not the old Labor working families once knew. Labor's re-writing of their policy platform to exclude the words "mother" and "father" at their 2009 National Conference, had in fact signalled a green light for Labor to enact same-sex marriage laws.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard's repeated statements that she supports the Marriage Act hides the fact that she supports same-sex marriage as well. At no time has the PM said that she does not support same-sex marriage. At no time has she repudiated same-sex marriage, choosing rather to muddy her meaning and mince her words with platitudes of support for the legal rights of gays and ending discrimination. Julia Gillards own State Labor branch has already voted in favour of same-sex marriage. Without the clear distinction in Labor's platform that marriage means the union of a man and woman, Labor's intention to change the Marriage Act to include same-sex couples is clear and at most only 3 years away from becoming reality.

On the ABC Radio National broadcast today, Senator Bob Brown was quizzed about same-sex marriage to which he gleefully replied that "a simple (conscience) vote would fix that!" The likely Senate influence of the Greens in the new Green-Labor Alliance would suggest that a vote on same-sex marriage is imminent. Mr Ed Dabrowski remarked that "Australian families, Christians and the established Churches should prepare for the shock redefinition of marriage that is coming despite the significance of traditional marriage to their established family culture and religious beliefs". He said, "Labor and the Greens have no popular mandate to redefine marriage for all Australians and the hundreds of thousands of children to be born into the future, but would prove unstoppable with their majority rule of the Senate".

Fathers too who seek to share the care of their children would be well advised to hasten their legal proceedings before their rights and the rights of their children to a shared life together are legislated away by the Green-Labor Alliance.


Media Contact: Edward Dabrowski Tel. 0409 917 345

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