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FLRA 2007 Projects - Family Law reform group targets education

The Family Law Reform Association of NSW Inc - 2007 PROJECTS.

Schools Policy
In the past we have been instrumental in having a 'Schools Policy' implemented for most public and private schools in NSW.
We are now pressuring the Federal Government to adopt the policy and then require ALL schools throughout Australia to provide information to both parents (and even grand-parents) when requested. If you think that you can help please contact the FLRA Secretary (see below).

Family Court Road Map
The FLRA aslo wants to produce a concise (one page?) road map of the Family Court processes. The Family Court web site did have a 'Step-by-Step' guide, but this seems to have been removed for updating. If you know of an existing Road Map then please let us know - it may save a lot of time and typing.

Submissions to Government Inquiries
This is (naturally) an ongoing process as there are always committees to be lobbied. The FLRA needs assistance from people with first-hand experiences and also people who are able to assist with the preparation of a submission. Contact the FLRA Secretary (see below).

Family Law Information Nights
The FLRA has conducted about a dozen Information Nights in the western and southern suburbs of Sydney. The FLRA has a number of expert speakers who can be scheduled - along with CSA representatives, etc. The FLRA relies on external funding for the Information Nights - this has usually come from various community clubs, who often also assist with meeting rooms and facilities. More Information Nights can be held when funding is found.

Contact:- Coral SLATTERY, Secretary, phone: 02- 9542 2459,
email the Secretary

facsimile: (02) 9521 3790,
             P.O. Box 807,
             SUTHERLAND,  NSW, 1499.


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