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Don't just say sorry … Mean It !

Dont just say sorry … Mean It !

South Australian Independent MLC Ann Bressington today applauded the Prime Minister's announcement of his intention to say "Sorry" to the indigenous community for the Stolen Generation.
Ann Bressington said
This apology is long over due and marks a truly significant occasion not just for Indigenous families but also countless non-indigenous families whose children have wrongfully been removed.
Ms Bressington said thousands of families had been destroyed through the wrongful forced separations imposed upon them by the Family Court and even Child Protection authorities.
Ann Bressington said
What is important to learn from the Bringing Them Home Report is that when government authorities acted in the belief that they were doing these children a great service in fact did no more than destroy a vital cultural, spiritual and familial support system for either a negligible or even non-existent advantage.  

The Report tells us that children who were removed experienced no greater benefits in their health, educational or employment outcomes or earning potential.

It was a heavy toll for families - parents and children alike, not to mention the community - to bear for something that was a repugnant social engineering experiment gone horribly wrong. But we have not learned and we will not learn until we make peace and restitution for all those families needing closure and healing.
Ms Bressington said this was demonstrated by her office being flooded on a daily basis by predominantly non-indigenous families whose lives are being torn apart through the reckless and indifferent conduct of child protection authorities and Family Court judges playing God with the lives of helpless and unwitting children who cannot speak for themselves and whose parents try, often in vain, to fight the wrongs being committed against them.  

The Non Custodial/ Equal Parents Party will be holding a similar vigil at Canberra's Parliament House to highlight the plight of our Fatherless Generation who are awaiting validation and an apology also.
Ann Bressington said
Anyone who believes strongly that we should not apologise to the indigenous community should read this report and 'walk a mile' in someone else's shoes.  

Only a few months ago my office was contacted by a desperate non-indigenous, single mother who had 6 out of eight children forcibly removed with absolutely no explanation from government child protection authorities; no finalised court case to justify departmental actions; no legal aid; no opportunity for the mother to hear of or to rebut allegations against her; no opportunity for siblings to have contact with each other before their new living arrangements had been ordained by Families SA.  This is the legacy we leave every Australian child if we do not make good on an apology.
For further information, please contact Ann Bressington directly on 0448 887 277

Dont just say sorry ... Mean It !

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