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Australia facing an epidemic of child abuse and neglect

Australia facing an epidemic of child abuse and neglect

State Families Minister, Jay Weatherill, says Australia is facing an epidemic of child abuse and neglect.

The Minister made the comments at the state launch of National Child Protection Week at Adelaide's Government House today.

Mr Weatherill says across Australia there are about 250,000 notifications annually about child abuse and neglect.  He says in this State the number of children in care has grown from 1,100 to 1,700 since the Government took office:

The Minister on 891ABC 4pm & 639ABC 4pm said
What it demonstrates is there's an increasing pressure coming to bear on families at the same time when it's fashionable to say that the Australian community is more prosperous than it's ever been.  We're seeing greater levels of pressure on families and that is finding its way ultimately into the child protection system where we're having to remove children to keep them safe.

We really have a difficulty in this community when we can be trumpeting I suppose our prosperity as a nation but we still have many families really slipping behind and slipping behind in a such a way that they can't care adequately for their children.

Reference source: Office of the Honourable Ann Bressington

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