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Husband charged with 100 domestic violence-related offences

Husband charged with 100 domestic violence-related offences

Rachel Olding and Megan Levy
April 17, 2015 - 9:33PM

A south-west Sydney woman was allegedly raped, choked, assaulted and almost killed by her husband in a shocking case of domestic violence that spanned 18 years.

Despite living next-door to a busy pre-school, the 51-year-old Fijian-Australian woman's suffering only came to light when she jumped off the balcony of her Leumeah home on February 1 in a desperate attempt to escape her husband.

Her 48-year-old Fijian-Australian husband, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was charged with more than 100 offences this week in one of the worst domestic violence cases Campbelltown police said they had ever seen.

Emergency services found the woman, who cannot be identified, lying in the front yard of their two-storey home around 12.30pm with a broken leg and severe bruising.

Neighbours said they heard yelling and screaming, just metres away from a preschool with children playing outside for lunch.

Detective Inspector Greg Inger said
she had jumped "in fear" following an ongoing dispute.

Her husband, aged 48, was charged at the time with recklessly causing grevious bodily harm.

However, detectives then spent four weeks interviewing his wife and were able to lay a further 102 charges in Campbelltown Local Court on Wednesday including assault, intentionally choking and sexual intercourse without consent.

In one of the most serious charges, he allegedly solicited a relative to kill her.

He allegedly contravened an AVO 19 times, stalked or intimidated her 26 times, destroyed their property, carried out verbal harassment and physically assaulted her dozens of times over 18 years.

Inspector Inger said detectives were able to back the woman's statements up with witness statements, medical records and certain events in her family history.

She had allegedly been admitted to hospital several times before and her husband was known to police for domestic violence.

It was one of the worst cases of domestic violence local police had seen.

Inspector Inger said
It is obviously at the upper end and… police are applauding the courage of the victim in coming forward and taking positive action in relation to what was a terrible situation,

the couple had children and they were being looked after, along with their mother.

She is getting a fair bit of assistance now which wasn't there in the past,
The man was remanded to reappear before Campbelltown Local Court on June 10.



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