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WA court counsellors sticking fathers with false allegations

WA court counsellors sticking fathers with false allegations

In what appears to be a disturbing pattern of judicial abuse of process and propriety, Family Court counselling is failing WA fathers.

Father of two Jeff (not his real name) is one of many fathers left gob-smacked by the damaging antics of West Australian Family Court counsellors.
Father of two now alienated children, describing the way he and other fathers get processed by court appointed counsellors said
Its a pattern you know… they have this down pat… its a script

You go in expecting to talk about the children and contact and before you know it she hits you with a barrage of false allegations and the counsellor repeats them at you verbatim like they were fact when they're nothing but lies.
Jeff goes on to say that when he challenged his wife's wild allegations, the court counsellor didn't want to hear his view and repeated that she must report all she had heard to the court.
Jeff said
But it didn't end there

Then the counsellor said she would be recommending a domestic violence program for me to attend!!

Who made her judge, jury and executioner?
Jeff is not the only father ordered into a violence program.

Fathers are commonly being treated as perpetrators before ever having allegations against them properly tested in the court. Jeff said he knew the Family Court was broken when court resumed and the judge simply agreed with the counsellors recommendation that he attend a violence program though he had never been violent.

The problem that Jeff experienced seems deeply entrenched in the culture of the court.

Counselling is a convenient springboard to boost the mothers case against the father of their children. With no checks and balances in place, nor any credible review of the biased behaviour of counsellors, fairness in court is absent thus adding to the conflict and alienation of children from their parents. Jeff maintains that courts should be striving to heal families not drive then further apart. You know these lies have real consequences. The mud of lies does stick and the chances of seeing and having a relationship with you children is next to zero says Jeff, who after 6 months still has not been allowed to see his children. Caught in the grid lock of a slow moving court, Jeff will not have his matter heard for another 3 to 5 months. In the mean time a bevy of false allegations and complaisant court officials have ensured that the segregation and alienation of his children away from him is all but complete.
Federal Director of the SPCA said
The SPCA recommends that if you are a parent similarly affected by biased treatment of court officials to take the matter up with your local Federal and State parliamentarians. As the court rarely treats loss of contact for fathers as an urgent matter, what fathers and their families can do is engage their parliamentary representatives to push for judicial reform, or in the face of an indifferent court, petition for no less than the replacement of the court with a tribunal or abolish the Family Court altogether
Jeff has a warning for fathers; don't think this only happens in Russia or Cuba. WA has its own Marxist and feminist court where radical anti male sentiment rules, says Jeff, as he contemplates how a legal system could ever be devised that condones and orders him to be cut off from his own flesh and blood, his children whom he loves dearly.

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