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one tries to kill her children; one writes a song about his

one tries to kill her children; one writes a song about his

The Age (Melbourne)
19 April 2011

SA woman tried to kill kids: police

AAP - A woman has been charged with three counts of attempted murder after allegedly trying to kill herself and her three children by driving into a tree.

The 32-year-old woman from Oaken, north of Adelaide, was charged after apparently driving her car into a tree at Ingle Farm, also in Adelaide's north, on Friday.

"The woman was arrested by Holden Hill CIB detectives this morning and we'll allege she drove her car deliberately at a tree in an attempt to kill herself and her three children," police said in a statement on Tuesday.

Everyone in the car received minor injuries.

The children were treated at hospital and discharged.

Their mother is expected to appear on Tuesday in the Holden Hill Magistrates Court.

The Australian
20 April 2011

Mother who drove into tree 'tried to kill her children'
By Rebecca Puddy

A mother who police allege tried to kill herself and her three children by driving her car into a tree has been charged with attempted murder.

Detectives arrested and charged the woman with three counts of attempted murder on Monday after the crash in an outer Adelaide suburb last Friday.

The four occupants of the car sustained minor injuries in the crash, were treated in hospital and have since been discharged.

It is understood the woman had a history of mental health issues, including schizophrenia.

Family contacted yesterday declined to speak to The Australian but expressed their concern over the impact of the case on the children's lives.

In recognition of this, a suppression order was made yesterday in Holden Hill Magistrates Court by magistrate Derek Sprod to protect the identities of the mother and children.

A bail hearing has been scheduled for April 28.


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Herald Sun
23 April 2011

'Chilling' father banned from son
By Letitia Rowlands

A separated father who was fighting for custody of his son has been banned from seeing the boy after he wrote a song sympathising with child murderer Arthur Freeman.

The Family Court heard the boy had been born soon after Darcey Freeman died in 2009, and the father had difficulty differentiating between his child and the dead girl.

The father, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, admitted to dropping his son in anger during a confrontation with the child's mother, when the boy was only nine days old.

He wrote the song, which includes the line "did anyone hear him?" on the first anniversary of Darcey's murder.

The NSW man told the court he did not know the Freeman family, but felt "grief" over the four-year-old girl's death and had performed the song publicly.

But an expert told the court the song was "chilling" and the lyrics had convinced her the man should not be allowed to spend time with the boy.

She said the song appeared to make excuses for and justify the actions of Freeman, who this month was jailed for life for murdering Darcey by throwing her off the West Gate Bridge.

"There was no mention of the mother or the other little children who had witnessed the incident," she told the court.

"I find (the father's) identification with (Freeman's) point of view quite chilling."

The man had been spending supervised time with his son at a community contact centre.

He had applied for the boy to live mainly with him and spend some time with the mother.

Now the man will be allowed only to send the boy birthday and Christmas presents and be given an updated photo of him once a year.

The mother will have sole responsibility for the boy.

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