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Men 'lucky' to be sexually harassed, say bosses

Men 'lucky' to be sexually harassed, say bosses

By Inga Gilchrist
July 03, 2008 02:30pm

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MANY men are sexually harassed by women at work but are afraid to complain to their boss, researchers say.

Four out of five male workers said they'd been harassed by a female colleague, according to study for a British employment law firm Peninsula.

Aussie blokes aren't subject to as much unwanted office vixenry, said industrial lawyers.

Aussie law firm Holding Redlich's senior associate, Fiona Knowles, said bosses were more likely to tell a man he was lucky to be ogled and hassled.

One Australian man got a $10,000 payout after a Victorian tribunal found his bosses had dry-humped him and grabbed his genitals.

Sex banter "unwanted"

Two-thirds of the 2300 men questioned in the British study also said that sexual banter was inappropriate at work.

A separate poll of 1600 employers found bosses wouldn't take a complaint of sexual harassment as seriously if it were from a male worker.

David Price of Peninsula said the balance had shifted and women now aimed sexual banter at men. "Not everyone's happy with these type of jokes and the situation is a growing problem for employers," he said.

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