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Lone Fathers report for October/November

I am shattered as I write this report. Reason, yet another man has committed suicide. Yes one of LFAA members a decent father who has been fighting this rotten family law, for years trying to be able to see his children he had done nothing wrong only loving his children as if that is a crime. Yes the same reason that many other decent men have taken their lives because they simply loved their children and wanted to and were entitled to see their children.

Yes this man had court orders (I repeat this man had court orders) as did thousands of other dads, but what good were they. He went back to court a dozen times to have the orders upheld, but the bloody courts failed him just like they have failed and continued to fail most every 3rd man who has access orders. Only 3 weeks ago our Bundaberg president reported about another man in his area did the same thing took his life because he to could not see his children.

Our system is a complete joke and a mockery, a disregard to human rights and civil liberties, yet this country has the audacity to preach human rights and civil liberties to other countries. Our Politicians and our courts should hang their heads in shame about these deaths. They have been told year in year out, I myself have been telling them for 35 years but they dont care as long as it does not effect them, yet a few years back a politician did take his life over the same thing. But our politicians and courts are gutless and afraid to use enforcement they hide behind the extreme feminists, and many academicians, who believe it would be wrong to punish the resident parent in 95% of time the mother, thats why the system is like it is because these residents parents know that there is little chance the courts will punish them, yet if the non resident parent does not meet their child support thats a different story.

The non resident parent is hounded and punished in one way or another and rightly so if they do it deliberately, logic would seem then so should the resident parent be punished, but no, the system only cares about the money side not the emotional side. Well enough is enough I would ask any person who reads this newsletter, and has had a family member or knows people who have suicided over being denied their access and the courts not acting to correct it, write and tell us the story. I will also place a request for this info on our internet site. If we get enough replies we will take it to A Current Affair or This Day Tonight and see if that can shame and convince the courts to act.

Last January I met with the Chief Federal Magistrate in Sydney and as he stated they are willing to punish the parent who denies the access, but the minute they do big brother the family court over rules the decision. A Judge recently stated that when two people go to court only one will get justice, isnt that sick and doesnt it tell us all something,
like our system is not working.

Over the last year many people at our meeting have asked us to ask the Parliament to set up a parliamentary committee to investigate and find out why the courts allow the denial of access to go on, they stated as taxpayers they want to know what the courts do with the $2 hundred million of taxpayer money they get every year.

The Family Law council is another joke. For years they have done nothing about access denial, as I said before they are all frightened to put forward laws and any penalty on the resident parent, although I have read recently where the Family law council has now at last put something to the Parliament on enforcement orders.

If every person who reads our newsletters and many thousands will, wrote a letter to their federal Politicians demanding enforcement orders be bought in immediately it would happen, because they worship your vote. People power can change anything..

LFAA will be going right out and all the way to have enforcement orders introduced and we ask for your help, you can direct all your letter to LFAA PO box 492 Canberra City 2601 and I will get them to the Parliament and the Politicians on both sides. You may think I am emotional for what I have written in this report and you would be spot on, but I am sick and tired of coping week in and week out of men on the verge of potential suicides. Men and women contacting us crying out for help because they cant get that help from the authorities that are supposed uphold the law and give Justice. My branches executives are also having to deal with it, they are all heroes.

In my 35 years of LFAA I know of so many suicides involving denial of access that I cant keep count, and yes my own brother was a victim of suicide in 1998, and let me tell you denial of access is the most explosive issue and causes the most serious consequences of all but yet is the most least helped and least taken serious in all family law problems, to cover up and cover their backsides the authorities try to convince the public that the victim must of had mental problems, they may fool themselves, but they dont fool the families the friends and the public who know the truth. Tony Miller from (DIDS) knows exactly what I mean as he also deals with suicide issues, and knows the effect it has on the family and friends.

I am waiting on an appointment with Minister for Family and Community Services Jenny Macklin, and also with Attorney General Robert McClelland to discuss issues of access and to put to them an idea that I believe could play a major role in solving the problems of denial of access. I also will be discussing at least areas of the new child support changes especially the tax benefit, and second jobs and overtime, as I believe and know the policy writers have made big mistakes in their interpretations and the way they have written it up.

The good news is LFAA has opened yet another branch, this new branch is in Logan QLD, we hope to also open a new branch in Perth and maybe Bunbury on the 4th or 6th October, then a new branch in Tasmania on the 15th October, and a branch in Terrigal NSW on the 29th October 2008.

Till next time, best regards.
Yours in LFAA friendship

Barry Williams (BEM. JP. CMC.)


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