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Liam Magill case update

Liam Magill case update
The Liam Magill Justice Group.
Media Release

Dark Secrets of the High Court Get Darker.

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In a move that kept key players fully in the dark, Federal Attorney General Robert McClelland has written in secret to the Chief Justice of the High Court in relation to the glaring conflict of interest in the Liam Magill case by High Court Judge Susan Crennan.

Attorney General  Robert Mc Clelland has elected not to go public in relation to the Crennan saga, deciding to keep this miscarriage of justice out of the public glare and media spotlight by his secret communication with the High Court Chief Justice. McClellands move can only add to speculation that he and the High Court are in damage control over the actions of Crennan regarding the Magill case and that openness and transparency in the Rudd Government is non existent.

Efforts are now being made to gain hold of the contents of the secret letter through an FOI application, but Magill supporters around the land are not confident that McClelland will come clean on this issue. There is a real fear that he will support his professional legal colleagues in the High Court and attempt to white wash this issue by keeping details of the letter from the public eye.

Magill supporters say that all federal politicians, the Governor General and key media outlets have been given absolute details of Crennans conflict of interest in the Magill case. All however have refused to act in the public interest and in the interests of justice in this case. Crennans sins are the worst kept secret in Australia but surprisingly, the media that institution trusted with delivering the facts to the Australian public, has not yet found the courage to run this vital story.

As long as this matter goes unchecked and unchallenged, justice in the highest court in this country remains a farce and the publics confidence in justice as well as government is undermined
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