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Legislation proposed for Federal Parliament Autumn 2009 sittings

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet has released a listing of the legislation proposed for introduction into Federal Parliament during the Autumn 2009 sittings.

The list of proposed Bills and reasons for the legislation is attached below.

The main impacts for Families are:

Family Assistance and Other Legislation Amendment (2008 Budget and Other Measures) Bill
-   implement several 2008 Budget measures and provide for Social Security Appeals Tribunal review of certain income management decisions

Reason for legislation:  to implement 2008 Budget decisions, including to improve the administration of family tax benefit (FTB), and to update and improve the operation of existing legislation
Link to announcement:  Ministers media release of 23 October 2008 (SSAT review of income management decisions);  FaHCSIA Budget fact sheet  streamlining FTB administration

Social Security Legislation Amendment (Improved Support for Carers) Bill
-   implement the Governments response to the recommendations of the Taskforce for the Carer Payment (child) Review, by significantly improving the level of assistance for carers of children with disability or severe medical conditions

Reason for legislation:  to implement a 2008 Budget decision



Tax Laws Amendment (2009 Measures No. 1) Bill *
-   amend the income definitions used to determine eligibility for particular tax programs to include reportable fringe benefits
-   amend the income definitions used to determine eligibility for relevant tax and transfer system programs to include net financial investment losses, and net rental property losses where appropriate
-   amend the definitions of income used to determine eligibility for relevant government financial assistance programs to include certain salary sacrificed contributions to superannuation
-   amend the GST treatment of supplies of global roaming services
-   tighten the eligibility for the dependency tax offsets

Reason for legislation:  to implement 2008 Budget decisions
Links to announcements:
Treasurer Media Release No. 046 of 13 May 2008 (amended income definitions)
Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs Joint Media Release No. 053 (Item 20) of 13 May 2008 (GST treatment of global roaming services)
Treasurer Media Release No. 047 of 13 May 2008 (dependency tax offsets)

Links to announcements:  Ministers media release of 13 May 2008; FaHCSIA Budget fact sheet

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