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Girls 'taken' before being deported to Italy

Girls 'taken' before being deported to Italy
19:00 AEDT Mon May 14 2012
Source: Nine News
Author: Will Jackson.

Four little girls at the centre of a custody dispute on the Sunshine Coast are "missing" tonight.

The girls  all aged between nine and 15  were due to be deported to Italy to live with their father.

But the mother claims that when she went to pick them up from school this afternoon  after the handover time was brought forward to 3pm today  they were already gone.
The mother said
I don't know where they are, I was planning on going to pick them up and I found out that they're not at school, they've been taken by my aunt, I don't know where they are.

My girls are my world  they're my everything.
The 12-month legal battle for custody of the children became public when one of the girls telephoned a radio station on Friday.
The daughter" said
I'd just like to know if there's something she can do to stop my dad from taking me and my sisters away from my mum.

My dad's very violent that's why we don't, he's mentally ill.
Department of Communities officials refused to comment to Nine News.
There is much to this case that is not being reported - Read the issues for yourself in the FORUM


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