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Continuing allegations of fraud haunt High Court

Continuing allegations of fraud haunt High Court
Liam McGill case
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In a widely circulated mail, Cheryl King, the partner of Liam McGill said
Your past always catches up with you !…… no matter how much time lapses. And just when you think you are safe, the truth emerges when you least expect it.

A portion of people in this country have little regard for the truth.

The truth surrounding Justice Susan Crennan is an inconvenience for her, this government and for the interest groups whose contributions influence government. Susan Crennan's credibility has been seriously undermined. Has anyone heard her denials surrounding her conflict of interest in the Magill v Magill paternity case? -2006 [HCA] 51; (2006) 231 ALR 277; (2006) 81 ALJR 254 (9 November 2006)

I have confidence that this story will one day be fully publicised and when it does;  just watch the witnesses come forward and validate Susan Crennan's past ( during the time when she used to be Susan Walsh)
Cheryl King is an Anti Paternity Fraud Advocate based in Melbourne and writes in a recent publication.
Betrayal inside Australia's Highest Court

When Liam Magill & I walked through the doors of the Highest Court of Australia on the morning of the 7th of April 2006; we had no real knowledge surrounding the facts that one of its honoured judges was deliberately intending to pervert the course of justice by failing to remove herself from the landmark case which was before her. The Magill v Magill paternity fraud case not only encapsulated the appalling events in the life of Liam & Meredith Magill, the case also had striking similarities in the past life of Justice Susan Crennan (nee Walsh).

Both these women had given birth to children fathered by their secret lovers. An honest Australian Citizen Liam Magill who put his trust in a legal system would later learn about the betrayal of this court and a series of events that was stacked against him from the very beginning.

The rumours about Justice Crenann were first brought to our attention by Herald Sun journalist Andrew Bolt. Bolt had some unsubstantiated knowledge which he picked up from an internet blog in 2006. We ourselves were unable to do anything about this unsubstantiated rumour other than chance challenging the judge directly and in doing so, put ourselves in a very bad light in the eyes of Australia's Highest Court. Besides, we trusted our courts to deliver a just and equitable decision and so did our legal team.

The High Courts malfunction and cleverly contrived decision which was handed down in November 2006 defied common sense and basic fairness. In retrospect, any other decision (in Liam Magills favour) would have been a decision against one of their own colleagues-namely Susan Crennan (nee Walsh). I myself received full confirmation of the rumours in December 2008 when a series of articles and letters that I wrote found their way onto the internet. This in turn caused a number of people to contact me
directly. People who were known personal associates of Susan and her ex spouse. In the coming months, we found out that Susan Crennans background was / is the worst kept secret in Australia. Susan herself knows her dirty secret along with every newspaper editor, the Governor General, the Prime Minister, the Attorney General and the list goes on.

Liam Magills Federal Member of Parliament Martin Ferguson was one of the first people to confirm the rumour. He also confirmed that it was common knowledge among his colleagues in Parliament. Ferguson withdrew his support some time later when I mentioned his knowledge in a press release. I felt no need to keep this information secret and publicly articulated the facts. Ferguson threatened me with legal action in a letter dated the 31st of March 2009. I sent his letter to the media and the SMH wrote a short piece titled Netwits Anger MP. Trouble is the SMH newspaper failed to identify Liam Magill, myself or Susan Crennan.A wasted space in the news as it turns out. It stopped short at publishing Crennans conflict of interest. Seems one decent Australian mans life being ruined is a small sacrifice in the scheme of things to ensure that this judge Susan Crennan does not lose face and thus ensuring she is not held accountable for her appalling actions.

Crennan suggested through her lawyers in 2009 that her ex spouse was aware of the paternity deceit. Her ex spouse says Crennan is simply a liar. This brings back the issue of the striking similarities in the lives of two women; one is named Susan Crennan and the other is named Meredith Magill. They both deliberately deceived their spouses and they both committed the ultimate betrayal. The passage of time does nothing to ease the hurt, pain and dismay that these women brought upon their ex spouses. May these women never forget what they have done and if they try to; Ill just keep reminding them.
The remarkable story has been reported previously in news items and we have attached a series of documents that will make interesting reading.
Cheryl King said
Liam Magill is left with nothing. No justice, no apology, no compensation, no explanation, no answers to any of the many very difficult questions.

Previously a number of news items have been published and using the search engine produces many more.

Some of the many files off the Google website website created by Cheryl King in an effort to see justice done

Paternity Betrayal Exposed in Australia

Betrayal inside Australia

Letter to Governer General of Australia

Parliamentary Statements

The editors have not checked the validity or correctness of any of the material and queries should be directed to Cheryl King at the numbers published on her web site


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