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Child abuse and neglect is common - What can be done?

Child abuse and neglect is common. Probably more common than the experts acknowledge.

As a community is is OUR problem. The effect on the abused and neglected children has a direct effect on the wider community through resources required to intervene, the effect on ourselves and our children when we interact with those directly affected.

Is is also well recognised that children who suffer abuse and neglect are at a much greater risk of being abusive and neglectful when they become parents. This cycle perpetuates the problem and has the effect of increasing the incidence of abuse and neglect.

One small thing we can do as citizens is to accept it is part of our responsibility to protect all children.

NAPCAN is currently conducting a survey to gauge the community's opinion on what might be done to address child abuse and neglect.

The Survey can be found at

Please take the time to complete the survey.

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