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Australian Institute of Criminology screws up the stats !

Australian Institute of Criminology screws up the stats !

Greg Andreson writes:… Dear colleagues,

The Australian Institute of Criminology has recently corrected an error in its National Homicide Monitoring Program 2006-07 Annual Report (see email below).

The original report stated that 7 homicides involved a mother and 15 involved male family members.

The corrected report states that 11 homicides involved a mother and 11 homicides involved a male family member. When the category of 'male family member' is broken down, we see that only 5 perpetrators were fathers, while another 5 five were de-facto partners of the mother who lived with the child (one father murdered two children). Importantly, no child victims were killed by a complete stranger in 200607.

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You can download the full report from the AIC website at

I am also happy to report that the AIC has acknowledged that "the usage of male family member and mother is not a useful way of classifying relationship between a child homicide victim and their offender. In future reports we will employ classifications that provide a more detailed classification of the relationship between child victims and offenders."


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