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What's Happening to our Children

What's Happening to our Children 
Family Law WEB Guide - Media Group 
November 16, 2007 - 9:37AM

Edward Dabrowski 
Independent Senate Candidate, Bunbury, Western Australia. 

"WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR CHILDREN TODAY?" ... is what I am asking us all to consider deeply as our nation's priorites are deliberately misdirected and politicians ignore the plight of families.
  • A new born left in a rubbish bin in the toilets of a TAFE college in Adelaide.
  • "The Angel of the Lake" a 2 year old boy shoved in suitcase and thrown in a lake in Sydney.
  • A baby beaten and shaken to death by her mother in Adelaide.
  • A 7 year old starved to death weighing on 9kgs.
  • 10 year old abducted from her home and raped repeatedly in Adelaide.
  • 4 year old girl returned to her mother after suspected attempted female circumcision by the child's mother in Adelaide.
  • 2 children returned to their father who has over 30 recorded convictions for inappropriate sexual behavior with minors?
Three dads commit suicide in Australia every day because of decisions made by the Family Law Court "Industry of Human Misery" and mothers are also forced to hand over their children time and time again to an abusive father. The children are the victims suffering parental alienation as well as abuse at the hands of someone they should be able to be safe with. 

Despite the odds and the constant messaging and propaganda from the major political parties, I put myself forward to stand for our children and their parents and grandparents and all traditional families. This is my undertaking to them, that I stand for their interests, their dreams and aspirations, not for some political machine with money and greed at its selfish centre. 

I AM FOR - happiness, wellbeing, and the joys of childhood and family life, the sanctity and privacy of the home. 

I AM AGAINST the wholesale destruction of families and our cherished way of life by the legal fraternity and Family Courts, AVO courts, easy and irresponsible divorce laws, and radical leftist feminist ideologies that seek to disempower and disenfranchise men from fatherhood. Any "ism" that is antagonistic to one gender, is flawed and I reject any ideological attack on men and women, mothers and fathers. 

I do seek balance and mutual respect for all, and that the proper dignity be afforded to the unique natures of men and women, different but perfectly complementary to each other. 

I AM STANDING FIRM ON OUR COMMON GROUND AND COMMON WEALTH, what should be an abundance and richness of personal income and wealth from personal effort, the wealth of commUNITY and inalienable birth right to shared joy in family life, to be lived by ALL CHILDREN AND PARENTS, but is being stolen by a corrupt and diabolical divorce industry. 

My heart cries out for the children who have had their CHILDHOOD STOLEN from them. 

I feel the pain of countless fathers denied the special and irreplaceable time of their children's childhood years, because Family Court judges choose to routinely segregate fathers from their children. I hear their stories daily - each day more casualties and children forced to exist fatherless. It is also a critical health issue as the developing minds of children are 'wired' in receptiveness to their mother and their father; without a relationship with both, children's development is irreparably harmed. 

The corrupt judicial cycle of parental alienation, vilification, exclusion and segregation of children from their natural parents, particularly their fathers, must end if our children are to enjoy a future and if parents are to succeed in transmitting their values and culture to their kids and the future generations. The silent segregation of children from one of their parents, done in secret in the Family Court and unreportable in the media, is no different to the segregation of 'coloured' persons, experienced and made visible during the civil rights campaigns in the USA in the 1960's. It is no different to the "re-assignment" of civilians in Auschwitz and the Concentration camps across Europe during World War II. 

By the time the world was awake to what was happening, in Aushwitz alone, 4 million people had been executed including the staggering figure of 1.5 million children. I have walked the grounds of Aushwitz -what happened is real; it's happening now - patterns repeat. The public doesn't know and whilst we enjoy our 'modcons', and escape to our Plasma and LCD TVs for entertainment, evil triumphs because good men do nothing. 

Make no mistake, the Family Courts across Australia, North America, Britain and Europe are the new processing centres for terminating parent-child bonds, the very fabric of families as we have know it for aeons. It is also an industry that reaps billions of dollars off an endless stream of unsuspecting parents. The cliché of respectability normally afforded to the law and those who claim to uphold justice, paints a veneer which hides the true horror of these courts. 

In all honesty, I am truly amazed and shocked that our so called modern democracies even tolerate such uncivilised behaviour and maltreatment of children. It is CHILD ABUSE, no less, and I and many around me cannot remain silent when our children are suffering. 

It's time the law was changed to affirm EQUAL PARENTING TIME after separation and divorce and got rid of the adversarial court that drives parents into despair, sickness and suicide. 

This system that says from the outset that children of split families can only have one parent, is fundamentally flawed and evil in its construction - I will work to end it, to close down the Family Court once and for all. And if elected I will personally expose, in the Parliament itself, those judges and officials harming children and loving mums and dads, until we are rid of the rot and decay and families can laugh and be free again. 



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