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Self Represented Litigants group - Angels in disguise, a shining light in a place of darkness

In July 2006 very large reforms were implemented in the Family Law Act, The establishment of the Family relationship centers commenced, new court rules and forms were set out and the Child Support legislative reforms started. A chain of events started that would forever change the landscape of separation and divorce.

Many key groups were behind the vast reform agenda, however one group remained quietly working behind the scenes to prepare it's members for action at the front line of the Family Court and Federal Magistrates Court's Front Bench.

These dedicated members of the SRL-R group have, through the efforts of tireless executive members, created an amazing set of resources for Self Representing parties who cannot reach agreement at the Mediation Centers and are to appear before the court.

David Glenmere comments on some of the intricacies of the existing system and what makes the SRL-R group so critical for any new entrant in the Family Law Court system.

David Glenmere President of the SLR-R group based in Sydney said
We sit out there somewhere in the no mans land between the relationship centers and the court system.

The Family Law system in Australia is not client friendly neither is there a level playing field for Self Represented Litigants. Going unprepared into a Family Court is little more than blatant stupidity and will do little to change Court outcomes.

Our group has had many successful outcomes where the self represented litigant goes in fully prepared.

I am sure the Magistrates and Judges must breathe a sigh of relief to know that a self representing litigant has come our way before heading off to the front bench.
Self Represented Litigants Resource members are well placed for best results in achieving better parenting outcomes through the support of the SRL-R group.
David said
It is important to note that many documents refer to the Family Court of Australia. This is not an indication that any case you run should go to this Court rather than to the Federal Magistrates Court but rather the role of the 'higher' Court. The two Courts handle different 'complexities' and potential duration of cases. The functions and the way cases are run do differ between the Courts.

Before starting any case you should ascertain which of the two Courts will better serve you and use their individual forms and procedures. You should note that the 'Courts' are establishing a 'single entry point' system which may effectively control which Court you enter.

Mr Butler the executive secretary of the Shared Parenting Council of Australia said
Mr. Glenmere and his executive members have produced an amazing range of material that should get a MUST Review stamp before going into an court situations.

David said
To read and digest everything available about Family Law would be a formidable and overwhelming task (and something that few in the Legal profession would do) You do not need to fully understand the Family Law Act and all the rules and regulations but you will need to have a basic understanding of the Acts and Rules and procedures that relate to your case and how to present your case in Court.

Becoming a successful SRL can be a daunting task however it is achievable. There are no magical secrets, there are many do's and many don'ts. Reading, research, practice and preparedness are all part of the process.
The SRL-R group has a range of staged materials depending on what stage you are at and highly worth while reading.

For more information visit the SRL-R group under Self Representing Litigants and the Community pages on this site.


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