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People misinformed about Family Court: Chief Justice

ABC News
24 October 2006

People misinformed about Family Court: Chief Justice

The Chief Justice of the Family Law Court says one of her main aims is to help clear up public misinformation about how the court operates.

Chief Justice Diana Bryant says she wants to begin compiling and publishing statistics on the kinds of orders the Family Law Court makes and the reasons it makes them.

Justice Bryant says the Family Law Court deals with difficult and complex separation issues and a community perception that the court acts on false or unsubstantiated allegations by one partner is wrong.

"As far as the Family Court's concerned, there is a lot of misinformation ... so I'm hoping that we will, within the next few years, be able to provide data which will explain why we make orders and provide easy access
to the judgments so that people can read them and see the kind of cases that we have and why we make the orders that we do," she said.

"There is misinformation about the way in which the court hears and determines cases.

"I hope that the statistics that we're now going to keep will enable people to understand more easily what we do. For example, people will be able to have a look at the statistics, have a look at the cases and see what kind
of evidence the court relies on and see what kind of evidence leads to the decisions they make."

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