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New practice note for AVOs in the local Court (NSW)

The new practice note for AVOs in the local court - NSW

A Mens Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service has commenced meetings in Sydney to discuss practical ways of dealing with AVO and ADVO proceedings.

The service was started by a well known, high profile Barrister Mr Mario Licha, who is an experienced criminal law barrister. The service is for AVO advice for men only. It was an idea of Barrister Mario's that has morphed into reality  to cater for a growing demand of additional information on what to do when the Police first contact men and remove them from their homes through application of interim ADVO and intervention orders.
Mr Michalak, a Jnr working with Mr Licha in Chambers said
This is something we have been wanting to put together for some time. It will enable men who are confronted for the first time with these sorts of orders to get a much better understanding of what they can do.
Wayne Butler from the Shared Parenting Council said
This is a good starting point for men who are suddenly confronted with the reality they are not going back home any time soon. It allows men to ask the proper legal questions and get a better understanding of how things can unfold.

Our own efforts in this area are focussed currently around a new system to implement safe interim contact orders as part of the ADVO and Intervention orders system so that when parents separate they know they will be able to get continued contact. Our research suggests that early intervention with some certainty of contact with their children, will most significantly take angst and anger out of separations, particularly at those early stages when allegations are made, AVO's are flowing like water and parties are postulating for a better position before they get to mediation or the court system.

   Registration is essential for these meetings. It is free to gain entry. Gold coin donations welcome. Register by sending an email to Mario at: Barrister Mario

The next A Men's meeting this week at Fairfield
Date:             30 May 2012.
Time:             7pm to 9pm.

Address:    CRN Sackville and Delamere Street - Fairfield (opp the Buddhist Temple)
Phone:    9723 4581
TOPIC:   The new practice note for AVOs in the local court. - Q & A on individual cases.

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