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Justice for the Courts says Union

Justice for the Courts says Union
Sat 15 August 2009

The Community and Public Sector Union in its latest magazine says The Australian Government is cutting jobs and undermining the quality of judicial service through unsustainable funding of the courts.

Reference source: CPSU

Your union is campaigning to restore proper funding for the Federal Court, Family Court, Federal Magistrates Court and High Court.

What has happened?
After over a decade of arbitrary budget cuts, the various Court administrations are in crisis mode, and are cutting back essential jobs in a bid to reach Government budget targets.

This has resulted in dangerously understaffed registries, overworked staff, longer waiting times to process documents and a general deterioration in the quality of service Court staff are able to provide.  

Our position
It is unacceptable for the judicial branch of Government to be undermined by poor funding.  It is the Government's responsibility to ensure Australia gets the highest standard of judicial service and that starts with adequate funding.
High Court Chief Justice Robert French said
The court is the third branch of government. It has a constitutional function of equal importance to that of the legislature, and the executive.  

It is inconsistent with that constitutional function that the court's funding is effectively treated, for many purposes, as that of a small executive agency subject to arrangements which are linked to the funding of other agencies within the Attorney-General's portfolio
CPSU believes that job losses in the Courts are unacceptable, regardless of the cause.  Cutting back Court staff makes it harder for clients to access prompt and thorough justice.

Court staff believe in the important work they do and they want a better outcome for clients and staff than overworked, understaffed registries.

What can you do?
Court staff need to show a united front to the Government. We need to tell them that continuing along destructive path is unacceptable. We need your continuing support over the course of this campaign to ensure that the message is heard loud and clear that the Courts cannot sustain continuing cuts to their budget.

Not yet a member?
We need you to join in order to protect your rights and conditions. Together we can make a difference.  Contact your CPSU Organiser Patrick Moody on (02) 6220 9607 or E-mail Patrick Moody

You can also join online.

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