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Is the FCoA still applying a double standard

In a recent Judgement made in the Brisbane Registry of the Family Court of Australia, Justice Barry has sentenced a father to 12 months gaol, with no possibility of remission. The Father pleaded guilty to 6 seperate contempt of court charges for which various periods of detention ranging from one month to 12 months were imposed (a grand total of 27 months), with all senteces to be served concurrently.

It is only this year that a mother was gaoled for 4 months for refusing to allow the child to spend time with the Father. This was reduced to time served, approximately 2 months on appeal to the full court.

While the court continues to apply such a double standard, its orders will continue to be considered a joke by some parents. With the resultant consequences upon the children. And the fact remains that if is inappropriate to remove a child from its mother, then it is also inappropriate to remove the father for convenience sake.

While the courts continue to apply a double standard, our children will continue be used as both weapons and as shields.


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