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Family Court ramps up their new combined web site !

The Family Court merger with the Federal Magistrates Court (Family matters) continues at a rapid pace.

New combined forms are now being trialled along with a new electronic file library.

A new service for litigants and practitioners is now available which provides basic details on your electronic file in the Family Law Courts such as information on upcoming Court events, documents lodged with the Courts, and basic outcomes from Court events. This facility is available through the Family Law Courts web site and the Family Court's web site. It will also be added to the Federal Magistrates Court web site soon. For privacy, use of the search facility requires that BOTH the party name and client ID be provided.

A "My Files" link will allow litigants and practitioners to search court records to find their files. All "My File" pages contain a link back to the Family Law Courts web site which includes a glossary of legal terms .

There is also a link to the feedback section that automatically brings up The "My File" Icon appears on the practitioners' page with the following paragraph:

My File is a searchable database of selected information on files in the Family Court of Australia and in the family law jurisdiction of the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia.

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