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Dad's 'good times' with daughter cut by court

Dad's 'good times' with daughter cut by court
06:30 AEST Thu Jul 12 2012

A father has had access to his daughter cut because he was getting all the "good times" and none of the "drudgery and hard work" involved in childrearing.

The arrangement in which the father cared for the six-year-old every weekend of the school year was changed after an appeal by the mother in the Federal Magistrates' Court in Brisbane, the Courier Mail reports.

Federal Magistrate John Coker granted the variation.

"The mother says she has all the drudgery and hard work and the father has all the good times," Mr Coker said.

The court heard the mother's relationship with the child was suffering because they were not spending any "down time" together.

The father spent weekends taking the daughter to theme parks and on camping trips while during the week her mother spent time on homework, uniforms, school lunches and getting her to bed.

The child had told her mother "I hate you" and "I don't love you" but the father had not experienced any issues.

A report said the behaviour was clearly a result of "separation anxiety".

 The girl will now spend every second weekend during the school term with her mother.

Source: Courier Mail.
Author: Will Jackson. Approving editor: Ali Best.

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