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Bring Dylan home - A NZ dad leaves no stone unturned...

The Director General of Turkey's Ministry of Justice, Judge Ahmet Firat, announced on November 18, 2008, that his Ministry had forwarded documents in order to file a law suit in support of the request for the return of Dylan Rennick Laybourn to his nation of birth, New Zealand.

As yet there are no details as to the detail or timing of the case, to be heard under the Hague Convention on Child Abduction.

Dylan's father, Bruce Laybourn, declared his eternal gratitude to all who had made this possible. In particular the former New Zealand Prime Minister, Helen Clark, and the Tukish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Bruce has constructed a web site to promote activity around recovery of his son

HUGE RESPONSE TO 60 MINUTES DOCUMENTARY - Click here to watch 60 Minutes
The 60 Minutes story on Dylan"s abduction, screened on November 24, resulted in a huge compassionate outcry to this site. See it now …

The number of visitors to the site jumped nearly 6000 in the hour after the screening.

So many parents identified with this tragic case. None could imagine the horror of being separated from their baby for 18 months. Parents were rushing to their children"s rooms to check their own little darlings had not been abducted. It is every parent"s ultimate nightmare. One indignant lady even volunteered to fly to Istanbul to bring Dylan home.

Their comments can be read on the "What People are Saying" column of this website.

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