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8th Annual Federal Magistates Court Report Just Released

Federal Magistrates Court of Australia 2006-07 Annual Report

The Federal Magistrates Court's 2006-07 annual report has been tabled in Parliament today and is now available on the Court's website at the following location:

or download the pdf version from 'FLWG'

Part one of the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia 2006-07 annual report contains an annual review of the Court's work, examining the major legal and administrative developments over the year.

Part two provides a brief introduction to and overview of the Federal Magistrates Court – its achievements, establishment, objectives, organisational details and jurisdiction.

Part three contains information on the performance of the Court, its output and outcomes, the work of the Court, examples of cases, information on complaints and appeals, work in regional locations circuits and dispute resolution information.

Part four contains information on governance, committees, administration, corporate planning, performance reporting and review, remuneration, human resources, information technology and an analysis of financial performance. Information about external scrutiny is contained in part five.

Part six contains information on purchasing, assets management, consultancies and competitive tendering and contracting.

Financial statements are contained in part seven.

Appendixes in part eight provide details on staffing levels, report compliance, resources, presentations, consultancies and fraud control.


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