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"Judicial Officer" wife ordered to pay spousal maintenance

In a recently published Family Court of Australia Judgment by Justice Watts. The wife, who is also a currently employed "Judicial Officer" has been ordered to pay spousal Maintenance to her former husband.

Other salient points of the orders, which are interim orders at this stage, include a six figure sum to be transfered to the husband as an interim property settlement. The former wife is also restrained from contacting ;her former husband except through his legal Representative and also restrained from approaching within 100 meters of "B" property.

Initially the wife simply sought that all application be dismissed.

The judgement also reports some paragraphs from the wifes evidence. Specifically, the husband should be able to find suitable employment. The Husband is 79. Justice Watts is quite tactfull in disposing of this suggestion, but I would have to suspect he smiled as he dictated that part of his Judgement.

It was also suggested the former husband should move in with his girlfriend to alleviate his need to pay rent. This idea didn't seem to impress Justice Watts either.

At another point, the "Judicial Officer" was asked to give an undertaking from the witness box, not to make any transaction on or against the property. The "Judicial Officer" refused, offering instead to give the undertaking from the bar table with "her standing in the community" as sufficient surity. Justice Watts made orders!.

The incident leading to the injunction for the protection of the former husband include what appears to be a physical assult angainst his person as well as verbal abuse. And the finish off, the former wife dumped the husband's clothes and other possessions down the stairs at the former husband's girlfriends residence.

Read it for yourself!

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