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Rate MY Family Court Survey Results: Three Words to Describe Family Court

Family Court system.

Three anxiety provoking words.

Three mighty words with potentially long-term destructive consequences for an unsuspecting parent.

Three all-powerful words capable of annihilating a parent emotionally, financially and physically.

Custody, divorce and family court are hot topics of discussion. Each day numerous Facebook pages and sites pop up. We live in a world of social media and parents are seeking information. In fact, 75% of parents who use social media are reaching out for social support ( invariably, addressing their intellectual concerns and emotional needs.

Why is that? What are these parents experiencing creating the ever growing need for education and support?

In discussing your custody matters with a friend or relative how many times have you disclosed dissatisfaction with the court ordered time or, expressed frustration due to, yet another, violation of court orders? Their response albeit innocent is, “Go back to court”.

To a novice of Family Court following this advice seems helpful.  We live in a civilized and rule oriented society. Right? A court order violation means the matter is put before a judge and sanctions are imposed on the guilty party. Problem solved.

To a parent well versed in the Family Court system those words are not what you need or want to hear. You know the Family Court system is different. You know the original order denying equal time was imposed by the very system they suggest you contact. You know addressing violations of a court order is a moot point. Notably, many people are unaware of how costly, difficult and infuriating returning to Family Court can be.

Until now.

Parents of custody/divorce have a voice. Rate MY Family Court at: is an opportunity for parents to evaluate the Family Court system? Many parents (disproportionately males) are making emotional and financial sacrifices seeking parenting time. Parents are relinquishing assets, autos, and borrowing from friends and family to finance the legal fees required to go to court.

Survey question #13 asks: “What three words describe your experience with the Family Court system?”

Here are the responses of 224 parents from

Top 3 responses by parents to ‘describe the Family Court system’
20.2%            BIAS
15.5%            UNFAIR
14.6%            CORRUPT

Responses fell in 7 major categories: Fairness, Corruption, Effectiveness, Experience, Treatment toward parent, Emotions and Impact on parents Percentage of parents in each category:

48.1% RESPONSES RATED “FAIRNESS” IN THE FAMILY COURT SYSTEM Responses (in order of prevalence): biased, unfair, anti-fathers, discrimination, feminist, sexist, misogynistic, prejudiced, racists, un-impartial.

32.0% RESPONSES RATED “CORRUPTION” IN THE FAMILY COURT SYSTEM Responses (in order of prevalence): corruption, dishonest/lies/untruthful, criminal, judicial profitable, fraud, crooked, illegal, no compliance, kidnapping, perjury, racketeering, withhold evidence, false allegations, extortion, manipulative.

59.9% RESPONSES RATED “EFFECTIVENESS” OF THE FAMILY COURT SYSTEM Responses (in order of prevalence): injustice, costly, incompetent, unconstitutional, abusing children, waste of time/money, destructive, wrong, failure, inept, negligent, alienation, not best interest, confusion/unclear, tyrannical, needs reform, manipulated, perpetrators, excessive, inefficient, antiquated/outdated, no justice, ignorant, useless, shameful, ok, disaster, circus, overworked, awful, denial, hypocritical, screwed-up, callous, exhausting, disorienting, ineffective, cheated, joke, disbelieved, dysfunctional, pathetic, poor, interference, egotistical, self righteous (listed judges name), constraint, limited, jaded, egregious, Kangaroo Family Court, completely broken, adversarial, naive, reckless, legal rape, redundant, unnecessary, lengthy, disgraceful, profit seeking, killers, harassing families, genocide, hateful, stupid, impersonal, crazy, immoral, garbage, fluff, boilerplate, could be better, blind, sick, predetermined, inadequate, rushed, delays, anti-protective parent

82.1%            RESPONSES RATED “EXPERIENCES IN THE FAMILY COURT SYSTEM Responses (in order of prevalence): unjust, abusive, frustrating, hell, one sided, horrible, devastating, disappointing, evil,  no legal rights, nightmare, disgusting, prolonged/stalling, victimized, scary, slow, degrading, horrific, disrespectful, unbelievable, voiceless, frightening, stereo typed/cookie cutter, horrifying, sadistic, terrible, defeating, , I stand alone, oblivious, gullible, truth does not matter, loss, railroad job,  indifferent, just another case, dehumanizing, trampled, disheartening, bullied, lost hope, insanity, hopeless, detached, , unsafe, appalling, dejected, profiled, extensive, dumbfounded, insulting, total let down, terrifying, lazy, total misery, disbelieve, futile, anxiety, suffering, peonage, crushing, satanic.

12.7%            RESPONSES RATED “TREATMENT TOWARD PARENT” IN THE FAMILY COURT SYSTEM Responses (in order of prevalence): uncaring, no rights, victim, ignored, arrogant, human cruelty, powerless, belittled, unbalanced, sisters separated, destructive to child, anger, hostile.

8.9%%           RESPONSES RATED “EMOTIONS” IN THE FAMILY COURT SYSTEM Responses (in order of prevalence): heartbreaking, emotional, shock, hurtful self/kids, depressing, sad

12.2%            RESPONSES RATED “IMPACT ON PARENT” IN THE FAMILY COURT SYSTEM Responses (in order of prevalence): stressful, traumatic, torture, confusing, time consuming, PTSD, life altering, kids hurt, distant (from child), destroyed my family, soul destroying, bankruptcy.

This is the Family Court system experience for parents who have taken this survey.

What three words would you use to describe your experience in the Family Court system?

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1.  Parents and Social Media: July 16, 2015

2. Rate MY Family Court survey: Survey Monkey. Created by Ruth A. S. Nichols, M.A., M.A., CFLE,p  Rate MY Family Court Survey at:  Rate MY Family Court 15 questions  



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