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Completely hopeless - The family Court before the Senate Estimates Committee

In the Senate Estimates Committee, Family Court CEO Richard Foster came under intense pressure from questions raised by Senator John Madigan.

The court seems to have absolutely no idea of the impact its orders makes on families, Has no idea of the number of children going through the system.

Family Court CEO Richard Foster said
I am not even sure we can get that out of our data base. That's a long period of time on the number of children impacted. 25k a year interim orders and I have no idea. 

We deal with 200k individuals a year excluding children

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The CEO also said "The court makes an order but like any other court there is no further follow up" and "We don't have specific data on how much time children spend with parents".

When asked if there is any follow up teh CEO Richard Foster said "Sometimes a family consultant will meet with the children" and "The court hopes the orders made are effective".

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