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The Family Law Web Guide brings you the Advanced Child Support Calculator

13:30 Friday August 8th 2008

Today the Family Law Web Guide introduced it's Advanced Child Support Calculator.
FWLG Advanced Child Support Calculator
The Family Law Web Guide's Advanced Child Support Calculator can perform all of the complex formula based Child Support calculations and as such is the most comprehensive calculator available to the general public, perhaps the most comprehensive available.

Work on the Calculator was started in March after the introduction of the previous "Simple" Child Support Calculator was introduced beating the Child Support Agencies own calculator (called the Estimator) which has very much the same functionality, although the consensus appears to be that the FWLG's calculator is more user friendly, requiring less input  and also it provides more information.

The "Advanced" Calculator was based upon the same premises as the "Simple" Calculator, ease of use, for what can be a complicated data gathering process and also the production of quality useful and informative output.

The "Advanced calculator" has a single dynamic page allowing the user to add or remove adults and children as required, the results are also displayed on the same page and it's a simple matter to make adjustments and also to model scenarios.

The standard results can be complimented with an additional section that details many of the underlying pertinent values, all it requires is to check the "Show Calculations" checkbox and click on the Calculate button.

The Advanced Calculator does use features only available in the later browsers, such as Mozilla 3, Internet Explorer 7, Safari 3 or Opera 9.

There is a great deal of help available simply move the mouse over any Rollover Help

You can access both of the Family Law Web Guides Calculators at

Alternately click here to go directly to the calculators.

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