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Review of CSA Decision Making and Quality Assurance Processes

Report of the Review of Decision Making and Quality Assurance Processes of the Child Support Program
Updated 16th March 2010

David Richmond and his team have completed a significant review into the CSA operations. The recommendations are in section 3
3.1 Priority Recommendations …. page 17
3.2 Supporting Recommendations …. page 27


1.1 Purpose
This Report to the Secretary of the Department of Human Services is the report of the Independent Review, commissioned on 4 September 2009, into the appropriateness, design and implementation of current decision making processes and quality assurance arrangements for the Child Support Program.

1.2 Terms of Reference

1.2.1 Component One  Decision Making and Quality Assurance Review

Investigate and evaluate whether the:
Current Service Delivery Model reflected in the business framework of rules, systems and processes in place
  • appropriately takes up all elements of good service delivery including planning, project management, decision making, accountabilities, and customer, staff and resource implications
  • identifies, measures and monitors performance of expected outcomes
  • provides a quality assurance and program integrity and compliance regime that maintains confidence in the delivery of services
  • provides early alert to emerging issues and risk, and
  • ensures tools and training are available to managers and staff to make accurate and timely decisions.
  • electronic case management system (CUBA) has the capacity to effectively support the Child Support Program outcomes, including data integrity and the agility of the system to support efficient service delivery.

1.2.2 Component Two - Structural Review
Component Two of the Review will consider whether:
  • all current business processes and functions contribute to achievement of core business outcomes or could the process be streamlined
  • different models for debt collection and customer service delivery could deliver improved outcomes
  • the current organisation of Business Lines, State Offices and Regional Service Centres support an effective, efficient and affordable Service Delivery Model
  • the model of stakeholder engagement is effective and resource efficient, and does it deliver required outcomes, and
  • Customer Service Officers are provided with adequate support in the form of accurate instructions, training and expert advice to meet the legislative requirements of the Child Support Scheme.
The Review will evaluate current systems, structures, practices and procedures in light of:
  • better practice in the Australian Government sector
  • the Governments objectives for Service Delivery Reform
  • relevant reports of the Australian National Audit Office
  • relevant reports of the Commonwealth Ombudsman, and
  • better practice in comparable organisations

Date         Participants          Consultation                                         type

08.09.2009 Helen Williams, AO Secretary, Department of Human Services Meeting
08.09.2009 Philippa Godwin Deputy Secretary, Child Support Meeting
08.09.2009 Jennifer Cooke First Assistant Secretary - Service Delivery Meeting
08.09.2009 Patrick Hadley Chief Information Officer Meeting
08.09.2009 Marie Johnson Chief Information Officer Meeting
08.09.2009 Jeff Popple Deputy Secretary - Delivery Policy and Compliance Meeting
09.09.2009 Minister Bowen Meeting Minister for Human Services and Finn Pratt, PSM Incoming Secretary, Department of Human Services
09.09.2009 Katrina Baird Assistant Secretary - Parent Support and Stakeholder Engagement Meeting
09.09.2009 Bruce Young Assistant Secretary - National Service Delivery Meeting
09.09.2009 Barbara Bennett First Assistant Secretary - Quality and Planning Meeting
09.09.2009 Chris Dainer First Assistant Secretary - Business Intelligence Meeting
15.09.2009 Simon Edwards A/g Assistant Secretary Service Delivery Meeting
15.09.2009 Jennifer Gale Chief Financial Officer Meeting
15.09.2009 Noel Dobbie Assistant Secretary - Finance and Budgets Meeting
15.09.2009 Drago Stanojcic Assistant Secretary - Finance and Budgets Meeting
15.09.2009 Barry Sandison and Alyson Essex FaHCSIA Meeting
16.09.2009 Child Support National Stakeholder Engagement Group (CSNSEG) Meeting
16.09.2009 The Official launch of My Family is separating - What Now? Visit
21.09.2009 Finn Pratt, PSM Secretary, Department of Human Services Meeting
22.09.2009 Greg Amie-Fong Assistant Secretary - Business Analysis Meeting
22.09.2009 Govert Melink Deloitte Consultant Meeting
23.09.2009 Review Ongoing Advisory Group Meeting
30.09.2009 Sarah Kleinschmidt and Katrina Baird Escalated Complaints Meeting
30.09.2009 Tricia Flanagan Service and Quality Support Meeting
01.10.2009 Review Strategic Advisory Committee Meeting
06.10.2009 Melbourne Site State Executive Litigation Team Open Session Technical Support Officers Field Visit
06.10.2009 Geelong Site New Customers Team Site Leadership Open Session Buddy Session on Phones Field Visit Meeting
07.10.2009 Adelaide Site Jim McMahon Bill Volkers and Brenton Halliday Open Session Customer Support Staff SAS Staff Field Visit Meeting
12.10.2009 Parramatta Site Executive Open Session Objections Sydney Site Open Session Change of Assessment Staff Personalised Services Staff Field Visit Meeting
13.10.2009 Brisbane Site Site Leadership Open Session Technical Quality Assurance Enforcement Services Staff Complaints staff
Townsville (by phone) Field Visit Meeting
14.10.2009 Toowoomba Site Regional Service Centre Staff Field Visit Meeting
21.10.2009 Therese Edwards National Council of Single Mothers and Their Children Meeting
21.10.2009 Barry Williams Lone Fathers Association Meeting
21.10.2009 Sam Page Family Relationship Service Provider Meeting
21.10.2009 Tony Miller Dads in Distress Meeting
21.10.2009 Wendy Prothereo Kids Helpline Meeting
21.10.2009 Wayne Butler and Mike Taylor Shared Parenting Council Phone hook-up
22.10.2009 Bruce Smyth Australian National University Meeting
22.10.2009 Nathan Williamson and Anna Crabb Australian National Audit Office Meeting
22.10.2009 Elspeth McInnes Australian Council of Social Services Meeting
22.10.2009 Review Ongoing Advisory Group Meeting
23.10.2009 Ruth Pilkington Legal Aid NSW Meeting
23.10.2009 NSW Stakeholder Engagement Group Meeting
26.10.2009 John McMillan, Adam Stankevicius and Ron Brent Commonwealth Ombudsmans Office Meeting
27.10.2009 Hobart  International Service Delivery Staff Phone Hook up
27.10.2009 Wollongong - Enforcement Collection Staff Phone Hook up
27.10.2009 National Consultative Council Meeting
27.10.2009 National Child Support Social Security Appeals Tribunal Team Phone Hook up
27.10.2009 Ken Pogson Child Support Legal Services Meeting
28.10.2009 Review Strategic Advisory Committee Meeting
30.10.2009 Perth Staff and Executive Phone Hook up
4.11.2009 Les Blacklow, Miriam Holmes and Troy Barty Social Security Appeals Tribunal Phone Hook up
17.11.2009 Review Strategic Advisory Committee Meeting
18.11.2009 Tracey Thomas and Natalie Howson Centrelink Meeting
18.11.2009 Todd Heather Australian Taxation Office Meeting
25.11.2009 Review Ongoing Advisory Group Meeting

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